Saturday, 22 October 2011

~Saturday Thrifting Bric a Brac~

Despite wanting to attend Leeds Corn Exchange Cornucopia food festival today, due to being semi-hibernatory and tired lately I couldn't muster up the energy. Have had a quietish day, food shopping and a mooch around 3 favourite charity shops.
Today's finds are mostly bric a bric in nature- the best 3 are below...

Imperial Bone China Trio £2 - Local charity shop
 And this teaset; it's incomplete, but has a cake plate, milk jug & sugar bowl - love the Autumnal colours...

Ridgway Pottery Queen Anne Bone China teaset £3 - Hospice charity shop
and last but not least, a Boden linen jumper - slightly snug for me in a size 10, but good for layering...
...for the grand sum of 50p, I've left the price tag on to prove it! Like a lot of you fellow thrifters, I find you can still get some astounding good-luck-bargains,  though pricing is very hit and miss. It must depend on which volunteer is sorting and pricing that day and I also find that different charity shops are good for sourcing different things.  This jumper was hanging on the rail next to a washed out long-sleeve New Look
t-shirt for £2.50!?! Bizarre, but that's half the fun isn't it...


  1. I love the Ridgway teaset, and the Boden jumper is an absolute bargain. I haven't done any thrifting this week. Just hope I'm well enough to go to the carboot in the morning to get my fix.

  2. Hope you have a fruitful car boot tomorrow - let me know if you find anything exciting x

  3. hello there, thats a good boden buy, their clothes last forever.

    Regarding the toffee apple tree, It's in the english garden mag too,
    I do love to be ahead of the game LOL!


  4. I'm so in love with your china finds- absolute bargains.
    You are so right about the volunteers and pricing. One of my local charity shops is so over priced thanks to the young trendy volunteers.I tend to avoid this one.
    I love my local acorns that is run by a group of lovely ladies probably aged 65+. Last week i found a pair of children's DKNY jeans priced at £1.50 and often see mini Boden and high end stores for only a couple of pounds but a bobbled M&S jumper or faded Next skirt can be priced at £5.00.

  5. I totally agree, its alotta hit and miss in the thrifty world of charity shopping ;0) the china!
    i found two joules tops in st.lukes CH and only 99p each...which retail at new 25 quid each but they had a primark top for 2.00!...i think its all about who's helping in the back room, some peps are so clued up on what sells and whats hot for vintage.
    but in Oxfam they had a dress, not perfect condition for 19.99 i was very shocked at some of their pricing for seconds clothes.
    i love finding joules, monsoon and boden clothing as i know its pricey but made well. love your strpy top x


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