Tuesday, 11 October 2011

~I ♥ Lavender Hearts~

Earlier this week I found out I'd won Daffodil & Snowdrop's lavender heart giveaway.  I don't win stuff. I just never do. Well, apart from first prize for my chutney 2 yrs ago in a local horticultural show, and before that a year's supply of Jordan's toothbrushes and dental floss in 1984 in Just 17 magazine.

My gift arrived...

...beautifully wrapped and so pretty.
Cheered me up and made me smile after a long day...
(It will have a home (soon) in my caravan. Ssssh!)
Thankyou to Em at Daffodils & Snowdrops, one of my very favourite blogs. I covet the photography and like the style of writing (and the blog in general) - and it has one of the nicest headers too - really effective.
Thankyou again! May more of Lady Luck come my way!


  1. Hi,pretty heart well done xx

  2. Well done you. We have both been lucky this week....!! J xx

  3. Well done. So pleased you won something . x

  4. Thankyou Jill, Geronimo & Scarlet x

  5. Hee,hee, a years supply of dental floss!!

  6. I know - I think it equated to 6 toothbrushes & 2 packs of dental floss!!


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