Monday, 10 October 2011

~Cake, cake and more cake in Leeds...~

Just a quick post to pay homage to the Clandestine Cake Club held in Leeds tonight, hosted by Lynn Hill.  It had an Italian theme as was held in La Bottega Milanese in The Light, on The Headrow, Leeds - an Italian espresso and cake shop (see here for a recent review in Yorkshire Evening Post).
My cake all ready to go....

An Italian pear cake - the pears were caramelised in butter, sugar and amaretto. The cake was a dense one made with plain flour - recipe to follow later...
My first beverage was a skinny latte - how ridiculous and pointless in the face of such colossal calorie intake!
Some of the cakes....

Clever creative people....

My 2 favourites taste-wise - this pistachio & raspberry cake (lovely) and Italian tricolore cake (flavours were really intense and fruity).

J (left) gladly accepts the cake from Lynn (right)
 and as you can see, my guest (best friend J), was really chuffed to win Lynn's fab Lemon Drizzle Cake in the raffle for Marie Curie proceeds.


  1. A fantastic evening. I can't wait to tuck in to Lynn's lovely cake - how lucky am I!!!!!

  2. My absolute favourite cake of the evening was the raspberry and pistachio cake. Yummy!!

    I'm also going to attempt a polenta, tomato and prosciutto cake that Marie-Claire had made - delicious.

    Thank you for the invite LA xx


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