Friday, 11 November 2011

~Fairy Nuff~

The Christmas Fair at J's school was a real success. There was a fantastic high standard of stalls, with something for everyone...jewellery, scarves,  fair trade clothes and accessories,( my lovely friend Donna at Sugar Pie Lemon Drop)  2 card stalls, a Phoenix trader, gorgeous French-style brocante and vintage goodies, cupcakes, handmade cushions, painted signs, doorstops, bunting and Christmas decorations. Then there was me...Lavender Attic, with my chutney and bits and bobs. I always feel a bit amateur, but enthusiastic nonetheless, as I don't do selling,  and don't exhibit regularly at craft fairs. However, the chutney flew off the stall and there were tense negotiations over the last 2 jars...eeek! Calm down ladies and gents; it's only pickle! The lavender hearts didn't sell, but the mini-bunting did, and the vintage 1950s, 1960s and 1970s knitting patterns went down well.
I'll share some of my purchases with you too...

These cards are made by a clever lady called Pat from Leeds...very different and great attention to detail. This owl card was available in purple (above) green and this yellow/orange colourway (below) too (£2).

and then when I saw this lovely Christmas Fairy I knew I had to have her...

Wearing her heart on her sleeve and with her hand over her mouth in an oops-did-I-really-say-that way, she is perfect to watch over me! She has a label saying...
"Granting Wishes is really tough...
so please be patient...Fairy Nuff"
Her hair, made from braided and plaited baker's twine, is exquisite.
If you'd like your own fairy get in touch with Lisa and Jane at Yorkshire-based company Twisted Vintage. Very shortly they are opening a shop in Whitwood, Castleford where you'll be able to buy their eclectic mix of handmade country style as well as vintage home accessories and gifts.

I think she looks very much at home. 
Enjoy the weekend x


  1. So pleased you did well, though I'm surprised that your hearts didn't sell. I saw some in M&S today and they were nowhere near as nice as yours - just mass produced stuff for £6 each.I may have to pop into that shop when I next visit Castleford! Have a good weekend. x

  2. adorable, i love that kind of folk art look

  3. It was interesting to read about your craft fair as specially as i have one coming up soon, always difficult knowing what will sell. The first time I took lavender hearts they went like hot cakes but I didn't sell any at a festive fair last year which surprised me as they were my cheapest item at £1.50.
    I love the cards and fairy doll, exquisite.

  4. Hi Patty - I find stalls a bit stressful! Unsure about what to take with me, and pricing is a nightmare!! Have visited your blog today x


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