Sunday, 6 November 2011

~Lavender Hearts~

It's fatal to start tweaking with your blog layout and design...especially when Downton Abbey is on in 8 minutes!
Just finished these lavender hearts made from vintage fabric and buttons. Thought they'd be a nice new header as the previous one felt rather *dull*.

I'm having a stall at J's Primary School's Christmas Fair on Thursday evening. Chutneys, preserves, vintage scarves, tea cup candles and lavender hearts.
See you later in the week x...


  1. These are nice, lovely fabric and a great way to freshen up your header! Good luck at your craft fair.

  2. Thankyou, if I don't sell all the chutney, candles etc they will be good for family Christmas pressies. As much thrifty homemade stuff as possible this year. x

  3. Good luck with your stall. The lavender hearts are lovely.x

  4. Your hearts are lovely, I have been trying to make some but my fabric is not as nice as these.Ii hope the fair went well x


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