Thursday, 24 November 2011

~Frugal Face Creams~

Following my last post about *guilty splurge* spending on lovely wool, I thought I'd share my current must-haves in the frugal face-cream department. Unwilling to spend £15 on my usual potion the other week, I bought some of this...

the first cream I ever bought in the 1980s - Astral.
I bought a *huge* pot for £3.
What a fab product, I love the smell - such memories...
but it's a bit too rich for my skin for daytime so, ever on the lookout
for a cheap but decent cream that works...
I came across this range in Home Bargains at £1.99 each - I've used the day cream before too; which was only 99p.  No nonsense. No advertising. No airbrushing. Not tested on animals and a UK company. Oooh, and I'm sure Home Bargains is not just here in the North...their website says there are 250 stores in the UK. ( )


  1. Yay, good old Home Bargains,I'm a big fan of it. Is the Q10 eye cream any good? I want a decent eye cream but they're usually so expensive.

  2. Hi Sally, I keep reading that Aldi do a fabulously cheap face cream that performs really well against the well known expensive creams in all the customer trials. I keep meaning to call in and get some to try. X

  3. Hi folks, it seems we are all tightening our belts as I've had to ditch the expensive 'Refine & Rewind' cream! I've tried the Derma stuff from Home Bargains and it's good but I'm now onto the Aldi own brand Lacura range and for a tiny bit more than Derma it really is excellent quality, texture and pleasant smell. Well recommended if you fancy a change when you next stock up. Happy Weekend!

  4. Hi all
    Have tried Aldi Lacura range and did like it. I do use Lacura nail polish too, which is cheap too. I am really impressed with the Derma stuff and the eye cream does not upset my sensitive skin. Hopefully will look 10 years younger in a few days!

  5. Hi Sally,dont know if you have tried making your own potions,I am an aromatherapist and make my own creams from oils that suit my skin,you dont need to buy lots of oils and the creams to add them to just the ones you need and your favourite oil,I also use them for my hair.Love Jill xx

  6. This means Astral has over 50 years of heritage: during which time generations of ladies have experienced smooth, soft skin thanks to Astral’s wonderful formulation.


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