Monday, 28 November 2011

~I ♥ Blankets~

I love blankets. I don't particularly like the word throw, which sounds too modern, much preferring the cosy snugness of blanket.
I'd like to share 3 of my current favourite blankets with you...
The first one is a granny squares blanket which is very old and was actually crocheted by my Nana B.

 I love the black background and it's made in good quality wool. It's definitely destined for a caravan sofa and I will treasure it forever.

The second is a recent thrifty find in a York charity shop. 

Labelled 'Pet Cover 50p' (hurrah!) it's a small cream Witney blanket in excellent condition.
That was a good find,  that came after a hopeless hour in Selby at the charity shops where I found nothing - and saw a (slightly bobbly and faded) jersey Designers at Debenhams dress priced at £15. Honestly.  But then, that particular charity shop has had a recent revamp and now has laminate flooring!

Lastly, I received a package from Steph at Curlew Country, who now sells vintage treasures via her blog.  This blog, I have to say,  is one of my absolute favourites, having read it now for over 3 years. I spotted a gorgeous crochet blanket, and it arrived safely- wrapped in brown paper and baker's twine.  I love the colours, especially the geranium red and the hot pink.  At the minute it's making the sofa in the conservatory look very festive.

Now my granny squares blanket quota has been met, I am happy to stick with the knitting (under a blanket, of course!) and for the moment ignore my crochet fear!


  1. Beautiful blankets!
    I love a decent cosy blanket.....especially on a night like tonight!

    Popped over from Posy!xxx

  2. Hi Sally,love your blankets I have 3 that my grandma crocheted a long time ago and I treasure them because they can never ever be replaced,lovely to snuggle under on a chilly night.Love Jill xx

  3. Sally I love all the blankets. It's strange how a few years ago we all got rid of them in favour of duvets but nothing really beats the cosiness of a gorgeous hand crocheted blanket. P.S. Thank you for the knitting mag, I received it today and I think I'm going to have a go at the wristwarmers too.XX

  4. Hi MelMel, nice to meet you. What a lovely blog you have! Today was a cold wet day at work so I'm off to have a glass of wine under my blanket now!
    Hi Jill, thanks for your lovely comments I really appreciate it that you take the time reply to my ramblings! x
    Glad you got the knitting mag OK Anne, happy crafting & stay warm blogpeeps x x

  5. Lovely blanket photos, it makes me want to go and finish my half started blanket!


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