Tuesday, 1 November 2011

~Nostalgia - Dylon Dye~

The last time I used Dylon Dye was in the 1980s when I dyed all my clothes black (even the black ones) during my obligatory teenage goth years.  It's been around since 1946 but appears to have been given a revamp and relaunch see http://www.dylon.co.uk/  I came across it in a local shop, and bought a few packs.
The colours have all been 'sexed up' with more appealing names and package designs...
Dylon Handwash Dye - I paid £3.35
 I set to work dyeing doilies Powder Pink and Tulip Red - so many not-quite white crochet doilies languishing in my sewing room...time for a bit of make do and mend!
Best results are on cotton, linen and viscose, with a paler colour take on other fabrics. (I also dyed a thermal vest, which has turned out a lovely pale pink).

I prefer the Tulip Red result; very seasonal doilies I think...

But the Powder Pink is very pretty too...
They'll brighten up the table when I host next year's Time for Tea events.
If you're not familiar with the Underground Dining & Tearoom movement visit http://www.supperclubfangroup.ning.com/


  1. I was going to say, been there, bought the tie dye t-shirt! I was always buying Dylon when I was at college in the 80's, usually black and purple for my goth stuff. The packs have certainly changed, haven't used it for a few years but I can still remember that smell when mixing it in a big pan.
    I think your doillies have come out lovely they're just perfect for tea parties.

  2. Hi Sally,I remember the tie dye stuff in the 70's. I think that was Dylon too!

  3. Your doilies have come out lovely. I used to use the Dylon machine dyes in the 90s - I always bought them from good old Woolies! Sorry to hear about the accident at half term - I read your comment on Anne's blog. Hope you are ok and things are sorted out soon. x


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