Friday, 2 December 2011

~Liebster Award - a hug from other Bloggers!~

I feel so lucky to be given the Liebster Award from 2 lovely bloggers!
I only discovered what this was yesterday.  I thinks it's like giving a *hug* and encouragement to fellow bloggers, spreading the word about us newbies with less than 200 followers who may be writing about stuff of interest to other lovely folk...It means dearest or beloved. And so the love goes on....I shall display it proudly thanks to lovely, lovely Anne at Marmalade and Catmint (who will get an extra slice of cake when she visits my tea event in February) and also Emma at The Log Cabin . Thankyou ladies x

The Rules
  • Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  • Reveal your top 5 blogs and let them know by leaving a comment at their blog.
  • Post the Award on your blog (proudly! yay!)
My top 5 deserving the Liebster award all are lovely friendly and humorous people - crafters, fabric & crockery collectors, thrifters, make do and menders....
Poppycock & Other Creative Nonesense Sally is an East Yorkshire artist, very clever lady.  Makes beautiful art and sends me encouragement and support.
Life on The East Coast Dawn has a lovely blog.  She lives in beautiful Suffolk. Fab way with words, very honest and inspirational photos.
Daffodils & Snowdrops I also love Em's photographs and write-ups of thrifty, retro and vintage places to visit.
Vintage Jelly Linzi makes me laugh out loud with her posts. Brilliant. Another blogger who loves fabric, crafting, being thrifty and growing your own.
Your Handmade Home Melissa is a clever lady making a living from sewing and crafting lovely homewares. She also has a teapot and vintage crockery obsession (like me).

 ~My first few months blogging has been a revelation - thanks to all you lovely people out there ~
*Sob* Kate Winslet eat your heart out!


  1. Hi Sally, oh goodness I'm overwhelmed to be mentioned as one of your Liebster Blogs, thank you so much it means a lot and ends a busy exciting day.
    Have a good weekend x

  2. Your blog is lovely and I totally understand why you have been awarded the Liebster. Congratulations!

  3. I think I have pasted the Liebster blog details correctly on my blog now.
    Thanks again.

  4. Thank you so much - very kind words! I will mention this in my next post - I forgot today.

  5. A long overdue thanks is in order.. can't believe I'm in your top five, really happy! As you know I'm in love with your blog too.
    wanted to show thanks on my blog:


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