Sunday, 11 December 2011

~Thrifty weekend & joining a knitting circle~

I've really tried to cut down on my food shopping bill - which is hard with a hungry OH and 2 growing children-  but I do try to take on board all the fab advice from frugal and thrifty blogs.  I'm not brand-loyal or supermarket-loyal; for a big stock-up shop I just go where's convenient at any one time, or as I see special offers.  However, for the last month I've had Sainsbury's vouchers for £8 off a £40 shop each week.  I've used the voucher every Saturday and have concentrated on spending as near to £40 as possible, on some fresh items, staples such as tins of beans and tomatoes and also Christmas food & wine that has been on offer. I've used the local Sainsbury's in Tadcaster, which is only small but costs me less in petrol.
On the Christmas pressie front, I've used my Boots Advantage card points to pay for aftershave to give as a present. I'm still on with my knitting too...if I know you and you're female, then you're either getting a homemade teacosy...

Another Christmas Pud cosy made from leftover wool, machine sewn felt holly leaves and felted holly berries.
On a vintage thrifted teapot.
 ... or wristwarmers (I've made a few pairs now).  Also this weekend in the supermarket frozen raspberries were 3 packs for £5, 1.2kg in weight. With a 1kg bag of jam sugar and 300ml of port, I've made lovely festive jam, by the method I've blogged about before,  in the microwave - quick and easy.    It made 6 and a half small jars which will be presents too.
I also resisted the temptation to shop, albeit at a Vintage Fair in Leeds.  Even though I love this particular fair I stopped myself by thinking about the cost of petrol, frosty roads, needless spending on stuff etc. 
Instead I did something good for the soul and went along to a knitting circle whilst I was in Tadcaster, at Needlecase . I'd chanced across this lovely wool and craft shop last month...
Needlecase is run by Jean and Judith, who are mother and daughter, and are passionate about knitting and needlework.  They also offer crochet and knitting workshops see here.
 Lots of lovely yarns and patterns, plus haberdashery, kits and craft supplies, and some ready knitted items to buy...

I had a lovely chat, cake and cup of tea and did a fair bit of knitting (only went wrong once because I was nattering) and will definitely go again.

Needlecase Limited,
22 Kirkgate, Tadcaster LS24 9AD
01937 830 422 
Open 9.30 - 3.30.  Closed Wed and Sun.


  1. Hi Sally, sounds as if you have had a really lovely weekend. The craft and knitting shop looks really good, I wish there were more about.
    Your comment about the shopping vouchers struck a real chord with me, we tend to swap about between supermarkets and if you dont go to one for a while they tend to send you money off vouchers.We also collect clubcard and nectar points too. Got quite a few now to spend on extras for christmas.

  2. Sounds like an interesting weekend.
    How shopping habits have changed for me too, a few years ago I'd stick to one supermarket more or less but now I can sniff the bargains out wherever they may be!
    The wool shop looks great, shame we don't have anything like that or knitting groups around Driffield.
    Your jam looks fantastic so I just went back to see your other post with the recipe, is it ok to try it out, I think it sounds like a stroke of genius making microwave jam if it is that easy.

  3. I agree Anne, in a way it's wrong because if you stay loyal, you don't get vouchers...they're always trying to entice us difficult folk back! Well done in the giveaway too!
    I wonder whether I should have a special Tea event for knitters!?

  4. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the tip about Needlecase - can't believe it's so close to me and yet I didn't know about it!!!
    Guess where I'm going as soon as I get paid again?!
    Thanks for your blog comment too, may well take you up on the offer :o) x


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