Tuesday, 13 December 2011

~Winding down for Christmas~

Catching up with reading lovely blogs and their beautiful seasonal photos just now makes me feel very cosy, smiley and festive - and a little guilty that I haven't done much in the way of festive posting.  To be honest, I haven't had much time spare due to work and home/family day-to-day stuff, but I finish work on Thursday for the Christmas break! Hurrah!
 I'm admiring nostalgic decorations on other blogs (especially at Beyond the Nook today).  My kitsch mini-kitchen tree is home to my thifted vintage baubles...

 ... unfortunately they're not family heirlooms; I only wish I had kept my Nana's Christmas stuff.
(Excuse the overflowing drinks trolley, by the way!)
My mantlepiece has been jollied up with a garland I've made by stringing together handmade vintage wooden decorations on garden twine.  My Mum gave me them this week to take care of...
I just need to do some hedgerow greenery-snipping this week and add the holly and ivy.
Fairy lights are everywhere, on mirrors, pictures, even in the downstairs loo!
I get them from Lights4Fun, a Yorkshire company based in Harrogate.
And I bought 2 tins of this gorgeous stuff...

Peppermint Bark...yum! Half price in M&S at £4.   Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits blogged about this last December and has a recipe for the homemade version here .  Yes, I really should have made it myself, but coveted the lovely reusable red tin it came in, which will be used to store my ribbons and buttons.
Have a lovely week everyone - I'm looking forward to Thursday evening when J will be singing at the Primary School carol service in the beautiful village church.


  1. Your christmas decorations look lovely, your garland especially I love how your mantlepiece looks so warm and festive. I also rather liked the look of the drinks trolley. I feel rather guilty am I behind in posting but I still love to keep up with your lovely blog. Have a lovely xmas xx

  2. I love your mantlepiece and the garland, it all looks so warm and cosy.

  3. Sally your decorations all look beautiful and I'm loving the mantlepiece. I was thinking of doing a garland a la Kirsty for mine but havent got around to it yet, maybe one for next year. I finish work too on thursday lunch time until after christmas and cant wait.

  4. How lovely your trimmings look, warm, cosy and inviting. I get frustrated at this time of year as I rent an old, cold house and most of my trimmings are still in packing boxes and it could never be described as warm, more like tepid! Still, it's lovely to see other peoples festive display to remind myself it is actually Christmas.
    I haven't seen that M&S bark before so must sniff it out when I go shopping this week.
    Sally can I ask you a quick question about the micro jam? Say I halved the ingredients, would I just half the cooking time? Or is it best not to faff and do the full amount. Thanks x

  5. Thanks for the mention Sally! Your decorations look lovely, and I especially love the garland you have made for the mantelpiece. Good to hear you are having a nice long break over Christmas. Enjoy the carol service - I really have missed them since the girls got bigger.

  6. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments x

  7. All of it is looking lovely! I need to do some hedgerow snipping this weekend.

    Have a lovely weekend...

    Lou xxx

  8. Aw, I love those litte wooden decorations strung along the mantle piece - it's all looking very cute at Lavender Attic! Think the red tin is definitely makes it worth buying the bark as opposed to making it.....neeed to get to M&S!
    Katie x

  9. Lovely to find your blog - I followed a link from a link! I love your Christmas decorations, adore the crochet rugs (one of my favourite occupations)and get nostalgic reading about village events. I am in summerery Australia (where we have many Eucalypt trees here in my garden)but have visited England a few times - and some villages too.


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