Thursday, 19 January 2012

~Catching Up, Baking & Charity Shop Karma~

After a busy here-there-and everywhere week, I have a day off to bake tomorrow in preparation for Saturday's afternoon tea. Just making some teacakes now, so can't stay long...
A quick blog catch-up and say hello (and thankyou xx) to new followers of my blog.  Also thanks for great comments - I'm still losing comments that I try and leave, frustrating to say the very least, but I am keeping up to date reading all your blogs. A message to Jan on the lovely blog Stand and Stare about the perils of crochet... I agree with Scarlet that YouTube is good for tutorials, also VideoJug, just search the name of the stitch such as 'treble crochet'.  I have given up (shame) as I find my crochet inadequacies far too difficult to face! Knitting for me!  My attempt at a granny square ends up as a tight tension circle, which my small dog could wear as a beanie hat. Let me know how you get on Jan, and I might feel more inspired to have another go!
After some disappointing charity shop visits, which we all have had recently,  I had a good day yesterday.  I visited the deli/cheesemongers/cafe  Love Cheese on Gillygate in York (@LoveCheeseYork on Twitter) to buy some local cheese and noticed a charity shop next door...   Of course I went in.
I got this Laura Ashley cardigan for a reasonable £3.50.

 Charity shop Karma I believe, as I coveted it earlier this year in the actual shop and couldn't afford it.  It's part of their nostalgic 'Archive' collection which is ....'a range of dresses, shirts and cardigans using prints from a bygone era. Beautiful bird, butterfly and floral prints reference this season’s passion for Botanicals, with delicate vines, sprigs and roses'
So chuffed with it.  It's a tad too large but never mind. So I'll pass my good fortune on, and inform you of the lovely things in the RSPCA charity shop on Gillygate, York. Highly recommended and Happy Thrifting!


  1. Hi Sally, I love teacakes, yours sound fab, I'm supposed to be going on a specialist teacake/bread course in Feb if it isn't over-subscribed.
    Yet another great charity shop find. I've had that experience before where I've wanted something full price in a shop, talked myself out of it and then been lucky enough to find it months later in a charity shop.
    Have a great day baking and a lovely afternoon tea tomorrow. x

  2. Have a lovely day baking! Your cardigan is so pretty- and that's a great price for Laura Ashley - cheaper than some secondhand Primark I've seen. You must have been thrilled to find it after not buying it 'new'.

  3. I am SO envious of your Laura Ashley find - it's just the sort of top that I'd pounce on! Thanks for your suggestions re crochet. I think my problem is something to do with tension/technique...! At the moment I'm sulking and I've gone back to lace stitches in knitting:) Have a fab time tomorrow! Jx

  4. Thats a lovely cardigan Sally. Doesnt it make your heart beat fast when you spot something like that? I dont know why but I find the animal charity shops tend to have better stuff than ordinary ones.I like the RSPCA shop in Rothwell and have had some nice things from there.Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow X

  5. Hi Sally,
    Lovely to meet you. I was a knitter for years and was scared to try crochet but it's really not that hard and it's so much quicker than knitting. Hope your afternoon tea party goes great and you all have a wonderful time xxx


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