Monday, 16 January 2012

~Hopes & Aims Shame~

Thankyou to lovely new followers of my blog, I'm so pleased  that you take the time to read my ramblings.
Daughter L is disgusted with the aged nature of our PC (8 yrs old) and to be fair it is playing up a bit.  The screen switches itself off 20 times when you turn it on, and it freezes and crashes more and more... I'm having trouble leaving messages on some blogs, the comments window will not load, so apologies if I haven't commented on your lovely blogs as much as usual.  One of our friends came round to mend it at the weekend- he tinkered with it a bit in his clever way, and then apparently 'de-fragged' it.  This made me laugh as I had a mental image of  it being the process of removing these little creatures...

...which must have taken up residence in my hard drive.
I have to honest and admit that I have had a couple of wobbles in my good intentions for 2012.  I bought a dress today, granted it was a cheap F&F Tesco one, but we have a family Christening ths weekend and I needed something comfy as I haven't lost any of my Christmas poundage yet.  Second shame is that I am finding it hard to motivate myself.  I would happily sit in my PJs from 5.30pm, but my friend C has chivvied  me along and shamed me into going to circuits tonight. And bless daughter L again, as she's just forcibly retrieved a Creme Egg from my hand before I had chance to eat it!


  1. I'm trying hard to lose some pounds, not had the courage to step on the scales yet since last time. I think the scales are faulty!!! This comment thing is a pain atm, me and loads of others have had probs, about time they sorted it. I had a little moan about it on my blog. Anyway, you can be assured that's nothing to do with an aging pc. Suzy

  2. Just dragged myself out for a run (thankfully it is dark!) in an attempt to shift some flab! I adore comfy dresses! x

  3. I've had endless problems with screens freezing when I've tried to comment. Yesterday the system also deleted my followers! I spent half the day worrying that I'd written something unintentionally offensive!!! Best Wishes, Jx

  4. J is being much more dedicated to exercising in the attic than I am, though in my defence I have had chest pains today - the cold weather really doesn't help matters. It's supposed to get milder so hopefully I'll be able to get back to it. I did around 70 miles on the bike last week, but nothing today.

  5. Creme egg - I think that may just be my new craving!!

  6. Your post made me smile. We have similar problems with our old computer. My daughter gets so bad tempered when things dont load or it freezes I keep saying I will ban her for the sake of our sanity, then I end up also shouting at the screen in frustration. My son once wrestled a twirl bar off me and then I realised it was a bit undignified to get into a wrestling match with a 10 year old and let him take it (eventually!!) x


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