Sunday, 15 January 2012

~Thrifty quilt TaDa ~

Thankyou for all the lovely comments on my last post - I think we're all floral fabric addicts, and it's clear that there are lots of us with unfinished projects too!
Today whilst 9 year old J used all the blankets and cushions in the living room to make 'Yoda's Hut' (?!?) I escaped upstairs to finish my quilt, first sewing achievement of 2012!
I'm proud it's not cost anything to make;  a real make-do-and-mend affair, I love it though it's not perfect and a bit wonky in places! The backing fabric is an old sage green cotton sheet that I was given - it's really good quality, soft and well-washed.  The padding is an old synthetic single duvet cut down to fit with the raw edges zig-zagged on the machine.  It'll be easy to machine-wash when needed. I then machine sewed the patchwork to the backing, leaving a gap to slip the duvet in - I slip-stitched the opening...

Then pondered about whether I should quilt through the layers...Eventually I decided to just make 6 suffolk puffs (or yo-yo's) out of some lovely Robyn Pandolph paisley fabric. Each suffolk puff has a vintage mother of pearl button at the centre, which is sewn through all the layers to keep the padding in place.
So here it is on my bed....
Overboard on the chintz and florals do you think? ...Never!
I think it'll be a lovely snuggly lap quilt when I get my caravan...
All the fabric has been bought second-hand - the Sanderson curtains were charity shop bargains last year and the Cath Kidston and eiderdown fabric were York car boot sale finds. A nice way to use and look at your very favourite fabrics.
Then I had a cuppa and a slice of this...
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend x


  1. The quilt is beautiful Sally, and your cake looks scrumptious. My quilt is next on the list to be finished, though I bought an amazing old embroidered panel at this morning's carboot and it's just calling to be turned into a cushion!

  2. That quilt is completely beautiful - and your bedroom looks perfect... I am all envious and inspired - time for a bedroom makeover for me I think

  3. Love your quilt Sally very pretty,can you send me some of your yummy looking cake please,thank you lol.Love Jill xx

  4. It's just gor-g-e-o-u-s! Really love those little suffolk puffs - a very cute, practical, finishing touch.\
    K x

  5. I enjoyed reading your post and loved the vintage fabrics you used. I'm a newly converted 'crafter' and hope to start some sewing soon.

  6. Your bed looks gorgeous! I am really inspired by the way that you've put everything together. My dream bedroom would look just like yours! Jx

  7. Gosh you've been busy, the quilt looks fantastic. I love the fabrics and it all looks so snuggly and welcoming. And yummy cake too, sounds like a satisfying weekends work. x

  8. You clever thing, the quilt is beautiful! What I would do for a little bit of that cake right now......

    Lou x x x

  9. beautiful and the cake looks yum to!

  10. Your quilt is gorgeous, congratulations


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