Wednesday, 11 January 2012

~I ♥ Vintage China~

If I'm out and about shopping in the nearby small town of Tadcaster, I can't resist a quick mooch in my favourite charity shop. Today I am really pleased with this Colclough bone china tea set for £2...
...incomplete, but there are 16 pieces and it will happily fit in with all my other mish-mash of vintage roses china.  I also got a few bits of kitchenalia for pence; including this lovely baking tin and long palette knife...
and this Grindley 'Ivory' sandwich plate...

I picked up the Sainbury's magazine today which has an emphasis on frugal food and eating on a tight budget. If you get chance have a read of the article by Fiona Gibson on p31.  I think Fiona was a features writer or editor on Just Seventeen magazine in the 1980's (remember that?) and now she writes about her family life in rural Scotland.  It's a very amusing description of the new phenomenon of yummy mummies who appear to be competitively bargain-hunting, so-called 'bric-a-braggers' who truthfully, or not, boast about their charity shop finds and harp on about foraging, thrifty living and frown on extravagance.  She suggests it's now more socially unacceptable to be seen spending money, and that even if some are still spending they may be pretending not to, and concealing their purchases.  Very interesting and very funny!  


  1. Sounds like a good article. We don't have a Sainsbury very near so I might have a look and see if its online. I used to read J17 back in the day!

  2. I'm definitely going to search out that article. I also adore your china finds - especially the sandwich plate.

  3. HI Sally, you will have to save the article and show me it when I come over. That's probably why the prices in charity shops are soaring.I still prefer car boots, roll on summer.I am a fair weather booter!

  4. I'll have to try to find the article somewhere. They're probably of the same ilk as the hair-shirt wearing frugal brigade. They remind me of the Monty Python sketch - the one where you're lucky to live in a hole in the road! Love your tea set and the sandwich plate is just divine. Carbooting was disappointing for me on Sunday , but I have found 2 70s part dinner sets which were cheap and I love them.

  5. Lovely, I've seen bits of the rose china set on my travels in the charity shops. I love the sandwich plate, it has a bit of an oriental look to it.

  6. What beautiful bargains.Love the design and colours of the sandwich plate.


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