Wednesday, 4 January 2012

~Hopes and Aims for 2012~

Sorry before I start, but I have the feeling that my January blog posts will all be a bit all over the place and scatty; as that's how I feel as I settle into the new year ahead of me, and try to resist the temptation to make huge unsurmountable 'to do' lists...
Some of my hopes and aims then for 2012...
  • that I see the 'to do' list as 'Sally will try to do' not 'Sally must do'  - as there are only so many hours in the day and only one of me (thank goodness!)
  • To carry on growing veg, especially my beloved tomatoes - would love a small greenhouse this year if I can manage it, must get looking on eBay and local notice boards. We even had fresh parsley and rocket out of the garden on Christmas Day this year...
Bonkers weather though...not sure it feels right that calendula and rhododendrons are blooming in early Jan here in North Yorkshire...

Ah well, their poor petals will be scattered by morning with these 70mph gusts again.
  • To continue to spend less on food, use leftovers, minimise wastage and shop around for value.  I don't profess to be the most frugal of shoppers all of the time, but I do try.  I followed the reduced-sticker staff round the supermarket tonight and got some bargains for the freezer! And I did a big freezer cook-a-thon with leftover cooked meat and veggies yesterday.
  • To not buy any clothes for myself this year. This is one for me and my husband too, not the kids - as we have enough clothes and do not need anything.  Oh, the only thing I do need is to lose half a stone so the lovely clothes look okay on me! - I'm trying with the eat less move more too.
  • Contine to thrift, car boot and recycle, including with my crafting and sewing this year.  I have a massive fabric stash that needs using, not admiring. No more fabric purchases.
  • Lastly, I will get a caravan.  Main hope for family getaways and jollies this year. No big pipe dreams  just a little second-hand tourer that I can fix up with Cath Kidston loveliness, blankets and vintage treasures.

And lots of bunting of course!
What are your hopes and aims this year?


  1. I hope we get some decent weather early on so that we can sort out the allotment.We neglected it last year as all our time and effort was focused on the house. The allotment just got minimum input- it deserves more and we love spending time there.

  2. Love all your aims for 2012 - they pretty much sum up most of mine too! I started looking for caravans on e-bay - this time of year is good for bargains I believe.

  3. Happy New Year Sally, good idea to have your list as a 'try' list and not a 'must' list, you can only stretch yourself so far and nice to have a bit of flexibility.
    Unseasonal plants flowering here too and some of the daffodils have beaten the snowdrops this year which is odd. On the subject of vintage caravans I found this vintage holidays website, have a look at some of the interiors in the shacks and Mabel the caravan, they're very groovy.

  4. Many of my 'plans' for 2012 overlapped with your list... I have an epic fabric and embroidery silk stash! I hope to use it up over the year making pretty things for my friends. My only 'resolution' was to make sure that I have a needle in my hand every day!!!!

  5. Thankyou for your lovely comments...keep smiling everyone x

  6. Thats a pretty long list Sally. I like your aims though. Veg growing is something I am definitely aiming to do more of, I am frustrated at not being able to get into the garden yet, the weather hasnt been fit on a weekend when I have had some spare time.All I know is the weather is certainly weird and as well as unseasonable plants flowering ,the weeds are coming up in abundance as well. Definitely want/need to lose weight too (after your tea and cakes event though!!). Love Anne


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