Tuesday, 3 January 2012

~Onwards and Forwards~

The wind is howling and it's raining sidewards - weather my Nana would have described as 'filthy' - so J and I have not ventured out at all.  Yesterday was a different day completely - winter sun, cold, but not too chilly for a nice walk.  We went to nearby Temple Newsam - a Capability Brown-designed 18th century estate now owned by Leeds City Council. All four of us and Small Dog had a lovely walk through the muddy grounds and then on up to the house...

This photo spurs me on to lose some weight and get back cycling as my bum is beginning to slide down the back of my legs!

We took the tree and decorations down yesterday too as I'm back at work on Wednesday.
OH returned to work this morning, and daughter L went back to 6th Form college.  I did get up with them but then couldn't resist sneaking back to bed with a mug of tea and my February Country Life, which arrived this morning.  I was soon joined by J for a chat and a snuggle under the duvet. J's Primary School are not back until next Monday...
Sorry for the late post as my PC screen is playing up and other blogs haven't been loading properly, so I'm only just getting going and catching up with everyone else's news. Happy New Year to you all, and I do hope we all have a happy and healthy 2012. Blogging has been a therapeutic process for me so far and I hope it will continue to keep me cheery through my usual miserable months of January and February...
I am determined to keep the mantra 'onwards and forwards' in my head for the coming weeks. 


  1. Happy New Year! Weather has been awful here too, i don't blame you for sneaking back to bed.

  2. I went back to bed this morning too, but not for long. KL's bus was early and she missed it, so I had to get up and dressed and drive her into town for college. It's a good job it was dark- I go to bed with straight hair and get up with it in it's natural state - messy, and there wasn't time to tame it before we set off!

  3. It's been terrible weather here in Worcester too. Hopefully we're due for a calmer spell by next weekend! All the best, Jan

  4. Hi Jan, Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog...I do hope the weather calms down - hate driving in this lot!

  5. Hi Sally, its good you are back! I am so looking forward to seeing you at your tea event later in the month. I've never been to Temple Newsam but you picked the best day by the look of it. The weather was vile on new years day and we didnt get out at all.It's our short day at work tomorrow so I'm going to get most of our decorations down then. Feel quite sad about it really, but am looking forward now to spring.Love,Anne


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