Saturday, 9 June 2012

~Simple Pleasures of the week~

Nearly the end of the school hols - I've been busy this week running here and there, at times feeling guilty for not achieving many of the jobs on my 'to do' list, but I have had a good Spring Clean and cupboard sort out.  The last few days I've been reminding myself to be realistic and take one step at a time and reflect on what I have achieved; whilst also taking time to enjoy small things...

Simple pleasures of the week...
Red toe nails...

Polka Dot flip-flops £1.50 Primark
My feet are smart even if I have gardeners hands! 

Updating son J's bedroom to be more grown-up...
Cushion made from Ikea teatowel 2 for £1.99

There's been some sewing time...
Vintage fabric cushions on the go...

Making a cushion for my daughter's friend who is moving to Scotland in 2 weeks...
Floral front

Wool plaid back

Flowers picked from the garden...

Foxgloves in the garden...

...and quality time and laughs with friends and family over the Jubilee celebrations, involving a glass or two of this...

Thanks to everyone for their comments on my last post about the caravan trip - Carol pointed me in the direction of Lucy at Attic24 with her 'Connievan' revamp which was lovely to read -  and reassuring that there are others out there like me who love lots of crochet and chintz in their caravan! Oh, and my wrist is much better thanks - a bit *pins and needlesy* but otherwise okay. We didn't get away this weekend due to the rainy and windy miserable weather, also daughter L is out in York for a meal tonight and I didn't want to be away...


  1. Oh, what beautiful cushions! I especially love the vintage floral one.

    Did you enjoy the Jubilee? I'm having a Jubilee giveaway over on my blog if you would like to enter, or share with someone you know might like it.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

    Hannah x

  2. Your cushion is lovely Sally, and those shiny red toe nails are fab!

  3. Lovely post! Your cushion is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. All your crafting projects look lovely. I especially love the cushion that you've made for your daughter's friend. I'm sure that she will enjoy using it for many years to come! Jx

  5. Well, it sounds as though you've achieved a lot this week. The cushions are great! And I love the bargain flipflops!

  6. Lovely post! Wish I had a Primark nearby, want those flip flops ... And the cushion is lovely ... Oh and the foxgloves! Have a lovely Sunday, Claire xxx

  7. Such lovely things, thanks for sharing, it's brightened my day.

  8. You have made some gorgeous cushions Sally as always! I'm sure L's friend will love hers and she will have it forever.
    Love the makeover in J's bedroom too, very grown up!

  9. Bravo for all you have done: tidying, sewing, celebrating,smat shopping and enjoying your flowers!
    [I especially like the floral fabrics, too :)]
    May the sun shine on your side

  10. Just discovered your lovely blog. Gorgeous cushions!!
    Love Helen x

  11. Loving that thrifty Ikea tea towel cushion and the vintage cushion is delicious. x

  12. Hi Sally, it looks like you've been very productive recently despite the poorly wrist. That's a lovely patchwork cushion and most appropriate going up to Scotland with a plaid back.
    Nice flip flops, we just need the sun now!
    Have a good week, Sally x

  13. Hi Sally , glad you liked the visit to Attic 24, it was my very first blog visit.
    Beautiful cushions, I've just made one ,not quite as productive as you!Glad your wrist is better.
    Time spent with friends and family is the best of times.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend but I'm not hopeful we will see any sunshine.
    Carol xx

  14. Great idea making the cushion from tea towels, it looks good for a boys room.
    Love the vintage one especially though! Lovely fabrics!
    Have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  15. You have been busy! Love the iron fire surround in the garden with the foxgloves. Hope you are well? Been busy in the garden and totally neglected my blog but trying to catch up now! Kx


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