Saturday, 2 June 2012

~Caravan Trip~

We've had our first caravan jaunt to try everything out - we didn't go far; just 15 minutes down the road to Cawood Park see here, a lakeside park with an indoor pool, very swanky new facilities and a clubhouse. With the benefit of hindsight we should have arrived early afternoon. We arrived later; about 6pm when all the seasoned caravanners had already set up and were sat out in the sun, drinks in hand.  So their evening cabaret entertainment was us newbies making a mess of everything and putting the awning up for the first time!
Lots of things were learned and mistakes made - including a serious painful  twang to my wrist with an elastic bungee rope when I was emptying the waste water when we were packing up. I nearly passed out it was that painful. My left wrist is black and blue...
However, the weather was fantastic all week end...
Everything in the caravan is thrifted, car boot sale finds or what I have been given...
Breakfast in the awning...
Stainless steel teapot £1 Charity Shop, melamine from car boot sale
Lots of the caravans and the vehicles towing them were top of the range - I'm not sure this site was 'for me' and that our old van with it's bunting fitted in - I think I'd like to be somewhere more laid back and less structured.
The temptation of the football in the club proved too much for husband and son - so I enjoyed some wine and a bit of knitting...

Trip number 2 is next weekend, so let's hope we've made all the schoolboy errors already and have an easier time...


  1. Oh your first trip - how exciting :)

    Ours is next weekend - can't wait :)

    The site we're heading to is one we know well - about 30 miles away.

    I don't care about all the posh fancy vans - we love our Bertie and can't wait to take him away.

    PS - he's coming to Yorkshire in August :)

  2. Hey Sally you poor thing, this caravanning sounds a dangerous business! I guess it's all experience.
    Your van is looking good and it will fit in really well when you find some groovy sites to visit.
    I know what you mean about the seasoned types watching you do battle with the awning, I remember that from our caravanning days, I don't like that bit but you'll have it off to a fine art soon and then you can be the 'watchers'!
    Have a great weekend, x

  3. Hope your wrist heals rapidly, Sally!
    Our family enjoyed many adventures tent camping.
    Your caravan looks comfy and and cozy and I hope you enjoy many more trips...injury free, please(:
    Gracie <3

  4. Hi Sally, better luck this next trip! Just to say Alison and I both really enjoyed the other night and hope we will be able to get to the open garden to see you again in June, Love Anne

  5. Ouch, your poor wrist - I swear by Arnica for bruising, if you get it on straight away it reduces pain and discolouration
    I do love the older caravans which have so much character, some great ones on line, hope you find a nice site, Seem to remember Lucy of Attic24 blog taking her 'Connievan' to a site near Bolton Abbey.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the Jubilee weekend.
    Carol xx

  6. Hope your wrist heals quickly. I suppose we all learn from experience, but sounds like you had a nice time despite everything.

    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Sorry to hear about your wrist. Your caravan with its thrifty finds is far nicer, more inviting and interesting than any big fancy one. I'm green with envy. I'm off to follow your blog.

  8. Glad to hear you've had your first trip - hopefully the first of many! We haven't got a camper van holiday booked until August and I'm not sure I can wait that long.

  9. It looks as if you had a lovely time. All your thrifting finds look great together. Jx

  10. Hi, just popping in saw your linky on the comments on Attic 24's blog - we've just upgraded to a caravan from a tent!! Ours is similar age/style to Lucys but not nearly as glamorous...yet - we only got it last week so its still getting a deep clean lol - looking forward to more camping posts any hints gratefully received - we are in Teesside so not that far we are like you off on a jaunt next week end just to Osmotherly not that far from home so if anything goes wrong... Ali xx

  11. Yes,we did that on our first trip to a posh caravan club Site, felt a bit out of should join the caravan club though and try out a CL Site, they are fab, small, rural sites, we found much more 'us'. Happy vanning! Xx


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