Saturday, 15 September 2012

~I ♥ all things Coastal~

Our current (serious) 5 year family plan is to move to the Yorkshire coast.  Me being me; I've already started squirreling crockery and other household items for the interior of my cosy coastal retreat. Here is some potential seaside crockery hiding in a cupboard...
The pebble hearts mug is by Tracy Savage at Sugarmouse Pottery in Hornsea, the Mussels mug is by Richard Bramble, and the swirls mug is from Whittards.  The Masons Denmark blue and white dinner plates were from a charity shop in Hornsea (£3) and the teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl were found on eBay. 
Like my friend Anne at Marmalade and Catmint, I also have a coastal-themed downstairs loo.  I think you're allowed to be a bit over-the-top in the smallest room in the house.  I love shells, starfish, beach huts and old seaside postcards...and fairy lights and some reading material so guests don't get bored...

This week I've added some mussel shells collected in Cornwall to a wicker heart for the wall...

This glass apothecary jar is one of three given to me by a friend this week.  I've put pebbles and shells in the bottom and added a candle, I think they make great hurricane lamps.

I've also treated myself to this lovely starfish silver necklace...

Where on our beautiful coast would you move to, if you had the chance?
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Ooh how exciting for you! I already live by the sea and wouldn't live anywhere else ... even if it is offically the windiest place in England!

    Have a lovely Sunday xxx

  2. I'm another spoilt person and live just a few miles from the Suffolk coast.

    If we ever moved it would have to be another coastal area - I don't do inland very well - miss the sea breeze. Probably Cornwall for the dramatic seas and wide beaches.

  3. I am very lucky to live on the South Coast, near Brighton. It's lovely being able to go for a walk along the promenade any time of the year. Hope your dreams come true!

  4. Hello

    I do that all the time buy pieces for the house and home (my forever home)that I haven't quite achieved yet but everything goes with everything else and is rather eclectic. I have a sea themed collection for the bathroom some of which is out where I live at present having collected pieces of coral large and small shells shell boxes starfish ships in bottles shell ornaments large abalone shells for soap dishes little candle lanterns and large square glass vases filled with shells of all sizes colours and descriptions with big candles in (similar to your apothecary jar). However I love the pottery you have collected I love the simplicity. My dream is to move to Cornwall not far from the coast one day in the not too distant future to "my forever home". If I am honest I cannot resist a good rummage or trying to find a re-use for some item or another mixed in with a whole repertoire of crafts. Love your blog.


  5. Hi Sally, loved this post!! Both Tony and I have talked about retiring to the east coast, which would be about 10 or so years, whether we will be able to afford it or not I dont know but its certainly an aspiration. I think you need a sea glass collection too for your loo and have you seen my(newly made) latest addition to the downstairs loo? Are we obsessed or what?!

  6. DH would love to move to the coast. We did think about Whitby but it has got so busy. Filey is a possibility. I think I'd prefer The Dales but as long as it is Yorkshire I don't really mind.
    Carol xx


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