Sunday, 9 September 2012

~Car Boot Sale thrifting~

What a glorious Sunday morning to get up early and indulge in mine (and my Mum's) favourite pastime - the Car Boot Sale! As I've mentioned before; this local car boot is a good one, moderately-sized and held monthly between April - September, run by the Rotary Club. Look at the lovely blue sky at 8am!
There were about 10 rows of sellers - it's held on a grass field next to a plant nursery about a mile from my house.
This morning's finds include these very old glass baubles for my kitsch Christmas tree.  The little vintage elves are apparently Swedish...

Sorry to mention the 'C' word in late Summer, but they were a good find for £1.
Also I bought these 1970s stacking cake tins, which I remember being a fixture in my
 early 1970s childhood kitchen...
Originally there would have been 3 of them, but they are in good condition ( and Made in England!) Another good buy for £1.
I must away into the kitchen and attend to my pickles and preserves...
Enjoy your Sunday! xx


  1. What finds. I just love vintage Christmas baubles, they can be quite expensive to buy off of ebay, so you did well! Those little elves are just adorable as well.
    Lovely retro cake tins too!
    Magie x

  2. Love the elves, they are so so cute. It is a beautiful day. x

  3. Ooooh! Love the Christmas decorations - especially the little elves!!! :-)
    I wish I could find the German version of car boots! Always a fab way to spend a Sunday. Before we moved over here, we sold a load of our stuff at one - including our CAR!!! :-)
    P.S. I love the caravan header!!!

  4. Love all your finds Sally! I wanted to call at Whitby car boot this morning on our way home but Tony put his foot down! He thinks I'm obsessed - maybe I am, do you think its more a woman thing?
    Am definitely coming to your coffee morning barring accidents or any thing else untoward and am looking forward to it. Hoping to get Sharon to come too if shes not on holiday! X

  5. I love a good car boot where you can find bargains without breaking the bank. Great finds! Can't believe xmas will be here in a few months! Where has this year gone:-) Leah x

  6. I love the Christmas baubles and the elves are so sweet!
    Thea x

  7. I also bought some Christmas type decorations a few weeks ago, you can't let sensibilities get in the way of bargain hunting. The tins are great and Made in England now you're talking.

  8. I too remember those blue and white stacking tins in my 1970s kitchen, I wasn't a child more's the pity, I'd just got married!! Really showing my age!
    Patricia x

  9. Hi Sally, what a wonderful find with the festive decorations and elves, I love them. I think I remember those tins too, great condition.

  10. Wonderful finds. Went to a local car boot a few weeks ago but didn't find one bit of 'treasure', but often the 'hunt' is the fun.
    Carol xx


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