Friday, 7 September 2012

~That was the week that was~

This week qualifies as one of those crazy weeks that have passed in a flash - back to school/college, back to work (despite still up to my knees in L's Leeds Fest smelly washing) and son J had minor surgery on Monday too...
Last weekend's trip to the trade fair was great - so much pretty loveliness to see and gawp at! Here are a few images I managed to take (surreptitiously) ...

I found a lovely supplier of handmade soap that I am hoping to stock in the very near future...
We had a lovely meal (Fish and Chips) in a pub next door to the hotel, called the Little Owl, which was one of the Vintage Inn chain - these are cosy and quaint food pubs-  new buildings, but done quaintly and decorated in a traditional country style with a twist.  I loved it - reasonable prices and excellent service and we sat out in the last of the evening sun in a lovely beer garden with comfy chairs and red geraniums in terracotta pots (and a glass of wine).
I'm busy tonight with preserves - piccalilli, apple and rosemary jelly, plum jam...more of that Autumn fun this weekend ...
I'd just like to say many, many  thanks for reading my blog - I noticed with amazement that I have had nearly  30 thousand pageviews; which is fantastic, yet humbling too x x Thankyou xx


  1. Looks as if there were plenty of gorgeous goodies about there Sally.
    Sounds as if you are going to be busy this weekend with your preserves, have fun!

  2. Anne, it was lovely, but not as lovely as Sandsend and Whitby! What a fab week, how lucky with our unpredictable weather! x

  3. Thats fair looks rather full of lovely things :)

    Sounds like a busy week - hope your weekend is quieter & your son is recovering well :)

    Sunny here in Suffolk so I've madly decided to Spring clean front room and move some furniture about!!

  4. Hi Sally, sounds like a super busy week for you. The trade fair looked really interesting and I'm sure you've picked up some fab ideas.
    Did you get to the sock knitting or are you up to your eyes in jam and piccalilli, I love that word!
    BFN, Sally x


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