Tuesday, 9 October 2012

~Charity Shop Find and Tea!~

I know all us thrifty types have had a moan about charity shops that have had a retail make-over (usually involves installation of laminate flooring and a dubious 'vintage' rail) with their bizarre pricing structure and lack of real bargains.  However, in my usual *glass half full* way, I don't believe they're all the same; I have discovered the best finds are found in independent, local charity shops.  My latest thrifty find was from one such place, which I will share so long as you keep it quiet!
'It's Donated' is an independent charity shop that is absolutely packed full of treasures and well worth a visit if you're in York.  It's in 'The Groves' a residential area near St. John's Uni and the Hospital.  I think it's closed on Wednesdays.
Image from www.192.com

It's Donated, Lowther Street, York, North Yorkshire YO31 7NB

  01904 689689 

 I bought a book, a vintage piece of children's fabric and this  Bodum Assam Tea Press, in great condition, £2...I'm so pleased as new ones cost £24.

At my Macmillan event my friend S bought me this loose leaf tea from a gorgeous shop in London...
So tonight I'll try my  lovely Earl Grey Blue Flower tea from Camellia Sinensis www.camelliasteahouse.com which is a tea room and retail shop off Carnaby Street.
S is a very accomplished lace-maker, crocheter (is that a word?) and knitter.  Here is one of two tea cosies she donated to my Macmillan raffle...
Tea cosy expertly knitted by friend S. which was a raffle prize at my
Macmillan coffee morning - sadly I didn't win *sob*

(Oooh and another couple of good charity shops in York are the RSPCA one in Gillygate and the Salvation Army one on the corner of Gillygate, opposite Lord Mayor's walk...)
Back soon hopefully, as life is a bit manic,
Take care x


  1. I konw what you mean about 'glossy' charity shops... My favourite place is the Hospice Shop in Pershore. I was very tempted to buy a piece of beautiful Aynsley china at the weekend - for just £2! Jx

  2. I wish there were more independent ones, the prices are, literally going through the roof! Ada :)

  3. Oh York; you will be for ever in my fondest memories!

    It's very lovely to meet you. I have come to you via Amanda's blog and the Yarn Fairy post!

    Warm wishes from France,


  4. HI Sally, you got some lovely finds there! The tea cosy was gorgeous, S is so clever isnt she and her crochet work is beautiful!

  5. Local, independent charity shops are difinitely the best!
    Great finds!

  6. Love that tea cosy!!!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. When I first went to that one it had nothing anyone would want! Sounds like it's come up in the world. It's in the heart of a very poor area so I like to take my donations there. And if they're closed you can leave them with the bookmakers next door.

  8. Hi Sally, ooh thank you for sharing the shop secrets, I know 2 of them but not the Donated one, lovely finds you got.
    Wonder if you got to Sunday Nest, not sure how much they will sell my kits for. Also, hope your Spoonflower comes soon.
    Sally x

  9. Thank you for the link to "Its Donated", hadn't seen that one before but always call in the two Gillygate ones when visiting York.
    Yes, the independent are often more realistically priced as are our local branches of the Salvation Army and Save The Children (which has had a mini makeover but they haven't quite ruined it!)
    Lovely finds and the tea cosy prize is beautiful, hope the winner loved it.
    Carol xx


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