Thursday, 11 October 2012

~Vintage Caravan fabric~

I'm so excited that my Spoonflower fabric has arrived! It's so cheery to come home from work to an unexpected parcel, even more so when Small Dog has resisted the urge to eat it as he does most letters.
Sally from Poppycock & Other Creative Nonsense wrote about her Vintage Caravan fabric samples from Spoonflower here and I popped straight over for a look.  I hadn't heard of Spoonflower before but highly recommend the service I received. I paid $18 for a yard of 42 inch wide fabric, plus $7 postage from the USA, and thankfully I didn't get stung with any additional customs charges. Yay! Here's my fabric prettily wrapped in tissue...

...and here is the fabric close-up.  I chose the brown background as I'm imagining using it as cushion front panels with natural linen/wool/tweed and mother of pearl button fastening on the reverse...

I see something different each time I look at it; fabulous ditsy prints, 1970s floral patterns and even more fabulous vintage caravan shapes that make me smile. Caravan ♥ Love is a beautiful thing!


  1. Hi Sally, I'm so pleased and relieved that your fabric has arrived and you like it. Even better that it didn't incur the customs or royal mail admin fee, Spoonflower can take a while to arrive, it is a bit pricey but phew all is ok. It's quite a big pattern repeat as you'll know now but I think your cushions sound fab and natural linen or tweed will look great with that colour scheme.
    Thank you so much for being the first buyer of the camping fabric and happy sewing when you get chance!
    Have a good weekend, Sally x

  2. Oh that is gorgeous :)

    You've reminded me I bought some caravan print fabric over the summer to make Bertie some cushions - must find that!!

  3. Wouldn't it be good if campsites really looked like this, fantastic fabric! Ada :)

  4. Loving that caravan fabric!
    Victoria xx

  5. That's such fun fabric!!! Love it!!!
    Wishing you a super weekend.....

  6. Oh that's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing the project at home in your caravan. I wish I could make material behave! My sewing projects always end in tears. Jx

  7. It's lovely Sally, are you making something for your caravan or for the guest house in Filey LOL!!!!

  8. Great fabric. I love such parcels!
    Carol xx


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