Sunday, 18 November 2012

~Simple Pleasures~

We caught up with the gardening and did some tidying and 'putting the garden to bed' at half-term. I love watching and understanding how different weather and temperatures affects the plants in the garden. The ivy has gone mad this year, the damson yield was poor and the tomatoes didn't ripen.
My simple pleasure this week has been looking at this plant in my garden which I can see from the kitchen... 8 year old Fatsia japonica.  It's an easygoing evergreen but not completely hardy, in fact 2 Winters ago it was very poorly after being frozen for such a long period.  Anyway, it recovered, and this Autumn it has been covered with flowers; these perfect little globes (or compound umbels as it says in my gardening book) which older plants tend to produce. I think it's a gorgeous statement plant with its large glossy leaves and flowers, followed by purply black seedheads.
Hope everyone has had a lovely Autumnal weekend x


  1. It's a great plant, mine has wonderful flowers on it too! :)

  2. Gorgeous! I wish I had green fingers! I'm completely hopeless with plants!!!

  3. What a gorgeous plant! and what a wonderful sight to see from your window, i guess that must make the washing up much more enjoyable.
    thanks for adding my giveaway link :o) good luck too
    love jooles x


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