Tuesday, 11 June 2013

~Simple Pleasures of the week~

A few things from my week...
A cup of Earl Grey - particularly liking the taste of this brand at the moment (Waitrose £1.99)

A few flowers from the garden in a jug - chive flowers, alliums and mint and the first bloom of this year from my 'Life Begins at Forty' Rose...

Reading the latest issue of Coast in the garden.
I love the cover of this month's issue.

Sorry I've been scarce around these parts; hopefully back soon x


  1. Hello Sally, nice to see you back. I have got some gorgeous Geoff Hamilton roses just coming out at the moment and they are beautiful. My chives are out too, I grow them for how they look rather than for their use in the kitchen!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon XX

  2. Glad to read your post. I hope you are ok. Jx


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