Thursday, 13 June 2013

~Simple Pleasures - My Garden~

Looking at my scant last few posts, it all seems to be about  Simple Pleasures.
When all around you in life is complicated,  maybe it's what we need to get us through...

Following the strange weather this Spring, my garden, like many of yours, has become lush, floral and blowsy all at once. I just hope everything hasn't 'gone over' by the end of June as L's 18th is a vintage tea party in the garden in early July.  But for now I'll enjoy what I see out there, especially the alliums, euphorbia and foxgloves.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

~Simple Pleasures of the week~

A few things from my week...
A cup of Earl Grey - particularly liking the taste of this brand at the moment (Waitrose £1.99)

A few flowers from the garden in a jug - chive flowers, alliums and mint and the first bloom of this year from my 'Life Begins at Forty' Rose...

Reading the latest issue of Coast in the garden.
I love the cover of this month's issue.

Sorry I've been scarce around these parts; hopefully back soon x