Thursday, 23 January 2014

~Woolly Winter projects~

I haven't posted since before Christmas which is very remiss of me...I usually want to hunker down and hibernate from December til my birthday in February, but my SAD symptoms haven't been too bad this year - thanks in part to Holland & Barrett Max Strength 284mg St John's Wort  I really believe it's made a difference.  I'm also relaxing more and reading stuff on my new Kindle, a gadget I've resisted with a dismissive ' I like real books; but I've read loads - 5 'books' since Christmas and it must be good because I went to physically turn the page on more than a few occasions!
Small Boy is now a Young Man and was 12 yesterday, requesting a grown-up lemon tart in place of his usual chocolate cake. Laura also made him some choc chip cookies.

My brother and his partner have a baby on-the-way so I have a few sewing and knitting WIPs at the moment, and a cowl scarf for me that's nearly finished.
This is a hat I've knitted for myself, in some gorgeous Yorkshire wool with a faux fair isle effect...

It's West Yorkshire Spinners Bluefaced Leicester DK Prints in 'Owl'  £9.70 for 100g.
I bought mine from the lovely Needlecase in Tadcaster.  For those of you further afield, they have an online shop too.
100% DK Bluefaced Leicester Yarn - New Country Birds Collection
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  1. Happy Birthday to your son!
    Glad to hear you are not being so badly affected by SAD this year. last year seemed such a long long winter.
    Love the little hat you've made, the yarn looks lovely!
    Gill xx

  2. Oh no, you mentioned birthdays :-)
    I noticed last year that we shared the same date. I usually avoid thinking about mine as much as possible! Well done on your progress on your WIP's. Hat is lovely. x

  3. That's interesting about the St John Wort. When I took it I started reading A LOT too. And others I know were affected in the same way. The Herb Tech brand from Holland & Barrett was very good.
    Glad it's working anyway.


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