Saturday, 29 March 2014

~Come for a walk~

I've had a nice few hours with Laura today. Lunch at Pizza Express at Xscape here followed by a bit of retail therapy.  Enjoyable simple things don't cost any money though, so here is our walk with Small Dog this afternoon punctuated by things that please me.
The warm Spring hazy nearly-sunshiney afternoon.  I like that.
Care to come along?
I like where I live - it's a large village in the southernmost tip of North Yorkshire, with lots of history. And a busy little high street.  I like that too.
Sherburn in Elmet is one of only 3 villages in the area whose name reflects that they were historically part of the kingdom of Elmet. I do love a regular dose of history.
Here we go then...
Down to the park...there's Laura with Small Dog...
Church tower in the distance...
Past the Scout Hut and up to Church Hill...
Into the churchyard of All Saints Church...

I love this old path!
All Saints is a church with 12th Century origins and apparently the field on the next photo is thought to be the site of the palace of kings of Elmet, which was given by King Athelstan to the Archbishops of York in the10th century.
At the back of the church there is this fantastic view on a clear day right out to Lotherton and Towton...
Then we drop down behind the Church...
All the fields are freshly ploughed and drilled waiting to be sown...
Another favourite thing of mine; the sight of a ploughed it!
And looking back up to the Church before circling back round to the village centre...

Thankyou for coming along.  Don't you feel better when you've been out in the fresh air?
Have a good weekend x


  1. You definitely live in a lovely part of the world Sally. I enjoyed the walk with you!

  2. I loved the walk with you, a really pretty area to live. Your sewing room from your previous post is beautiful.

  3. well what a lovely walk and as an added bonus I have just had a 'nose' around your sewing room....One day i will tidy up mine and let you see it?
    In the mean time I like your blog tweaks and am excited you will be joining the sew-along...that button looks so at home!
    bestest daisy j x

  4. Lovely, lovely walk! Me n small dog would love it walking through your way! Thankyou kindly for sharing -especially as I have a 'thing' for old churches -sad I know! -

    Love your sewing room too! Beautiful!

    Have a great day sweet. Take care xx

  5. Can't tell you how homesick it makes me to see gorgeous pictures of the UK countryside. The US just does not compare! Thank you so much for visiting me. I think your pictures of your workspace are beautiful - if a little tidy ;-) x

  6. What a lovely walk! I know my little dog would have enjoyed it too!
    Gill xx


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