Saturday, 22 March 2014

~My Sewing Room~

I'm always intrigued to have a peek at other's sewing rooms. Do you want to have a look at mine?  I only ask as I've had a tidy up!  I've done a bit of painting this weekend - painting the walls and ceiling white and I also bought 2 sample pots of Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion in Calamine and Nancy's Blushes...
These sample pots are £3.95, and are a good way to experiment and paint furniture on a budget. Nancy's Blushes must be a new colour as it wasn't on my 2012 colour chart (which I look at for recreation!) I know lots of you love Annie Sloan paint, but I still like F&B and always get good results. Here are the pinks...

I painted the legs of my sewing table in Calamine and my Ikea storage drawers in Nancy's Blushes,
both had 2 coats then a coat of Colron Finishing wax...
So here is my sewing room now...this is the finished storage chest with my button tins and jars.  The vintage medicine tins have my darning needles in.
Tidy ribbon in a basket...velvet ribbon is my favourite trimming.

To the side of my trusty Janome sewing machine is my Cath Kidston pincushion toadstool which Laura bought me years ago.  The round pin tin was my Nana B's and the rose needle book was my Nana F's.

The crochet bunting was made by a friend. The pine shelves and table are Ikea from years ago - the table legs in Calamine look lovely now.  The piano stool is next for the pink treatment...
The spotty bags under the table are filled with fabric scraps I can't bear to throw away!
A pile of folded  fabric...
And some more fabric I've bought to make some new clothes.  I also found this Merchant & Mills pattern for a Madison Dress - totally forgot I had it; so that will be on my 'to do' list.  

This cute 'I love sewing' rack by Sass and Belle was a present from a friend and holds vintage Sylko wooden reels...and a random evening bag  :)

And from a different angle...

How long will I keep it tidy?


  1. I love your sewing room! That pink is the same shade my one dresser is. I love bunting, don't you? It makes everything so cheerful and bright! I am making a space in my bedroom for my sewing. I hope to get it done soon. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. How lovely to have your own sewing room.....are they meant to be tidy?! ;) x

  3. That is so tidy Sally! Mine never stays tidy for long - at the moment it is full of stuff I'm in the process of selling.

  4. It's gorgeous! There is something so nice about having a bit of a sort and 'taking stock' - especially when you find a Merchant and Mills pattern! Well done x Jane

  5. Ooh Sally, I am very impressed. It looks fab!! I think the paint looks fab, gorgeous colours. Farrow and Ball is beautiful paint, no doubt about it. I do find Annie Sloan a bit fiddly if I am honest. It looks more shabby than chic when I have used it but hey, I dont mind!! Hope you are okay and it would be nice to get together sometime soon! Maybe a garden visit?!!

  6. Love seeing other peoples caft ares, I might do a post about mine one day!

  7. You are so lucky. I have nowhere to set up my machine. So it just lives in my bedroom untill I need it. Then I use it on my kitchen table.
    Sometimes I just feel like sewing but can't be bothered to set it all up. Love the pink.

  8. What a lovely sewing room. I have to work on the dining room table surrounded by my daughter's home work and a cat or two.

  9. Hi Sally, I love having a nosey at other peoples craft and sewing areas. I think your room looks fabulous and I love all your bits & bobs, all looking spick and span and makes me want to dive in there and make something. Enjoy it whilst it's tidy! x said by someone who can't seem to keep tidy ever!

  10. Oh thanks for sharing your lovely sewing room pictures Sally - I love to have a peep inside other peoples sewing rooms as they invariably have some clever storage solutions or pretty ideas, and make me feel ashamed enough of mine to give it a tidy too, and yours does not disappoint!
    I still like F and B paints too for the sheer range of lovely soft colours and the paint is always reliable. I love the colours you chose,and both drawers and table look lovely, as do the fresh white walls.
    And so tidy and organised!
    Is hall have to look up the Madison dress - its rings a bell........
    Thanks for sharing, enjoy some sewing in your pretty, fresh and tidy room!
    Gill xx

  11. It looks like a magazine photo shop sewing room. How delightful it must be to actually be able to see your fabric and create in such an aspiring place. I would love to do a makeover with my sewing area. It is total disaster. I would have to start by removing everything and starting over. You inspire me to put it on my to do list.

  12. Your sewing room is gorgeous


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