Monday, 29 September 2014

~Lavender Attic Etsy Shop~

I joined Etsy in has only taken me 6 years to actually get some of my handmade and vintage homewares in my shop to sell! It has been on my 'to do' list for ages and I made myself take some time this weekend to sit down and get to grips with listing on Etsy, and thankfully it seems easy enough. I got stuck at one point and was helped by the lovely Vivienne at Green Rabbit Designs :)
The kind of things I will sell are handmade items such as cushions, bags and tea cosies mixed in with vintage homewares.  Click on the link on my sidebar to visit.
This little beauty of a bookbag is just about to be listed...
I do love it so and want to keep it but I won't...made in gorgeous Sanderson vintage linen fabric.
Also these cushions are for sale, made from vintage 1960s fabric...

...the reverse is wool check fastened with wooden buttons.
So, I will see how things go.  I've also joined Instagram this week and has seen some of you on there, please find me as I'm still learning the ropes :)


  1. Good for you, I intended to sell some of my things on Etsy but still haven't got round to it.

  2. I sort-of gave up on my online shops. I should get back on top of it, I guess.
    Hope it goes well for you....

  3. I'm popping over to take a look now. I haven't succumbed to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I just know it would eat in to even more of my time.

  4. We'll done! :). I've only just started listing too, and you've put on more than I have lol. I've favoured you on Etsy. Good luck sweet. X

    1. sales as yet :(
      Fingers crossed for both of us!

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  5. Good luck! You items are beautiful!


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