Saturday, 4 June 2011

Back from Cornwall

Can you get jet-lag from a car journey? No? Are you sure? Nine hours in a hot car with 2 kids, husband and a dog were not my idea of a relaxing end to a lovely week in Padstow. We stayed here, have only good things to say about the cottage and the company that manages the rental. Lovely furniture and decoration. Excellent. The test of a good holiday home is when you almost nearly prefer it to your own; and I did! This was the view of the Camel estuary from our bedroom, where I sat and did my patchwork and read this great book as the sun went down.
It was on the same street as Rick Stein's St Petroc Hotel and Bistro, a stone's throw from the harbour where I saw this and felt it was a sign that I should stay here forever...
I can but dream - that costs nothing...

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