Thursday, 11 August 2011

~Doiley and fabric scrap bunting~

Another way to upcycle holey, stained and worn doilies is to make bunting with them. I don't throw any fabric away; even teensy-tiny scraps are squirreled in my scrap bag ( a very large underbed-type zipped bag bulging at the seams). Very useful for patchwork, bunting, and daughter's textile GCSE and A level mood boards! I made 3.5 metres of bunting with a pink/red/green flowers theme today, adding a few pennants made from an old embroidered tablecloth.

My quick way for one-sided pattern bunting is;
  •  use a paper template and cut neat triangles from plain linen or lining fabric
  •  pin these to the patterned fabric
  •  sew 1cm from the edges
  •  trim it neat and close to the stitching. I like the raw edges on large bunting.
  •  fold some 2cm wide tape/ribbon in half and iron it
  •  machine stitch the pennants within the tape
If you stand still too long in this house you get a coat of paint or trimmed-up with bunting or fairy lights; so it's best to keep moving!


  1. That's so pretty ! Love your latest header photo too - is it your garden?

  2. Thanks, it was the pink Breast Cancer Campaign garden at Gardener's World Live this year - I wish it was my garden! Mine's troubled by plagues of caterpillars at the moment - more so than other years (cabbage whites) - have you noticed the same?


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