Tuesday, 9 August 2011

~Simple pleasures - Flowers~

Flowers 1....We had a family afternoon out in Ryedale at Yorkshire Lavender yesterday - what can I say, I looooove lavender, so it was a treat. The weather was a bit blustery and spitting with rain, but we still managed to get a few nice photos. I wanted a lavender photo for my blog header that was taken by me; so now I'm happy!
Plants were reasonably priced, every type of Lavender imaginable, plus herbs and some unusual perennials grouped in colours, which was great.  I bought a variegated applemint,  culinary mint called 'Bowes' and a lavender 'Pinnata'. It's free entry to look round the lavender and garden centre. Lots of bees, obviously which my son is wary of - so he refused to go into the lavender maze. The aroma was divine and I was very relaxed and calm until I saw the rather pricey menu in the tearoom! In my opinion the tearoom was not as pretty, quaint or smart as I'd hoped, given it comes highly recommended.
Flowers 2... Other than out of the garden, I rarely get fresh flowers, but these gladioli were both half-price and 50% extra at Co-op, so 9 longlasting blooms for £1.50.

The pink ruffles and lilac stamens are very gorgeous in my world, but announced to be 'hideous' according to L...Maybe it's an age thing?!?

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