Monday, 14 November 2011

~Time for Tea anyone?~

I hope you will forgive me a bit of blatant self-promotion! I'm not sure whether you've gathered I have a healthy appetite for all things bakey-cakey, vintage china, fairy lights and doilies...Maybe you've read about my 'Time for Tea' underground tearoom events before here & here and also about attending Clandestine Cake Club here.
I'm a member of where you can locate all the secret supperclubs and tearooms around the UK and beyond. This is my avatar below if you have time for a look...
a thrifted teapot with a handknitted cashmerino wool tea cosy!
I would love to welcome you into my home for my 2012 events. I have tickets for 3 dates available - Saturday Jan 21st 2pm
Saturday Feb 25th 2pm
Sat 24th March 2pm
I can seat 8 at each event. You can book tickets via the supperclub website or click on the link on my homepage.
A great place to read about the growing popularity of secret dining clubs is Kerstin Rodgers' book SupperClub - Recipes and Notes from The Underground Restaurant
Supper Club: Recipes and notes from the underground restaurant
I did wonder whether it would be a lovely opportunity to meet up with some of you out there in blog-land; a kind of bloggers AGM perhaps?!?
You can attend as a lone diner, or in pairs or groups; all that's needed is a willingness and desire to meet and chat with fellow afternoon tea guests, and of course, a love of CAKE!


  1. Sounds like a lovely get together Sally,only living about an hour away from you Im sure I and a blog friend could come and see you.Will see what I can do.Love Jill xx

  2. Sounds interesting, I will have to come back and read up on your tea parties as I'm quite new to the blog.

  3. Jill - Hope you can come, that would be great thanks x

    Patty - I just love baking and all the prepping and fussing to make things pretty! Really enjoyed my first 2, I am new to it all so it's a learning curve.


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