Thursday, 16 February 2012

~Happy Birthday~

Firstly thankyou so much for all your lovely comments on my last post and to new followers too!
Not sure where time this half-term is going to - I know I'm fortunate to work term-time only but it's hard to get anything practical or creative done when the kids are off too. Whinge over...
Yesterday was my birthday! We had a family day of lunch at Pizza Express then the joy of seeing the new Muppet movie. I loved the Muppets as a child of the 70s, and the theme tune brought nostalgic tears to my eyes.
I baked myself a chocolate cake with cherry jam and fresh cream...
Multiply the candles by 7, and you will have the correct number!
My favourite card, courtesy of one of my brothers. What is he insinuating?!
Generous gifts from lovely friends and family...A new CK bag...
Enough smellies for the next 12 months!

Some seeds...

Some beads...
...And a lovely read!

Lovely presents - I am very lucky.
My mood definitely lifts when I reach mid-February...the sun is out today, I hope it's warmer where you are too.  I'm off to do a bit of gardening now!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! The cake you made looks so delicious! I can only see 5 candles so what a young thing you are ;0
    Sounds like you had a great birthday trip and some lovely presents - am going to have to check that book out!

    Gill xx

  2. Happy Birthday Sally! Your cake looks wonderful and what lovely presents. Enjoy your time in the garden. It's just started raining here.

  3. Happy Birthday! What gorgous presents. I hope you enjoyed your day - and your cake!!

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for coming and visiting my blog. There's an award for you on my latest post!


  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful day filled with lovely presents and yummy cake, Lucey x

  6. Gill, I feel naughty now, because there are actually 6 candles, haha I didn't realise til after posting you could only see 5!!
    Thanks for the lovely comments - the cake was scrummy - I used unrefined brown sugar and it tastes nicer than when I use caster sugar!

  7. Happy Birthday, what a scrumptious looking cake!
    Lovely gifts.
    I do so agree with your view of this time of year. I like it once it gets past the New Year (unless the snow comes!) as every day gets longer the light gets better, wonderful. I spent 3 hours pottering about in the greenhouse and garden today, bliss.
    Carol xx

  8. Happy belated birthday. What a scrummy looking cake, and what wonderful gifts you received. The book looks interesting, I'll have to look out for that one.

  9. Happy birthday, what gorgeous gifts and the days seem lighter which makes us all feel happier x

  10. Happy Birthday! Glad to hear that you had a lovely day. Jx

  11. Happy birthday Sally. You had some lovely pressies and your cake looks delish. I also have that book and it's so lovely.

  12. Hi, Sally! I just found your beautiful blog! So cute :o) I`m your newest follower :o)
    Warmest wishes on your Birthday! (I`m so sorry, I`m so new on your blog) Just want to say that your gift are gorgeous :o)
    Have a lovely weekend

  13. Happy birthday!!!
    That cake looks yummy!!!
    What a lot of lovely presents you got - lucky girl! :-)

  14. Happy birthday and many happy returns!

  15. WoW that is one delicious looking cake. Happy birthday. What lovely gifts you received and lunch at Pizza Express too - sounds like you had a great time on your birthday.

  16. Hi Sally, what a nice selection of pressies you got, the book looks intriguing and should keep you busy, when you get chance!
    I saw you mention Moons on my blog, a friend has mentioned it to me before and I think she said it's only open to the public when they have a sale as it's trade only, nice looking fabric though.
    Have a good weekend x

  17. Happ Birthday, what gorgeous pressies and a very yummy cake. Julie xxx

  18. Happy Birthday! You received some lovely presents and that cake looks delicious!


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