Sunday, 12 February 2012

~Vintage Fair at Rivers Meet Craft Cafe~

Bbbrrr, it's been a cold weekend here in Yorkshire, the snow has lingered due to the low temperatures.  It was minus 5 on my garden thermometer yesterday morning - and I have to confess I stayed in my PJs and watched a dramatisation of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca starring Charles Dance & Emilia Fox.  I hardly ever do that, so it was a nice treat.
 I loved the feathery ice pattern on the conservatory window on Saturday morning...
Today I went along with Anne from Marmalade & Catmint, and my lovely Mum,  to a Valentine Craft & Vintage Fair here...

Rivers Meet Craft Cafe in Methley, near Leeds.   I remember this building as a pub a few years ago - it was given a new lease of life as a craft and foodie haven when it was reopened by Joanne and Richard as Rivers Meet in Autumn 2011.  It's open 7 days a week for food, and the in-house craft shop has some fantastic fabrics and beads too. There are also sewing, quilting and other craft classes, along with a book group. See other blogs here and here for foodie reviews and more lovely photos of this unique place, which, judging by today's busy cafe, is obviously a very popular hub of the community.
I caught up with Margaret again from Ready Planted  (@MaggyAnne on Twitter) whose stall looked very pretty and Spring-like.  I bought some Hellebores and Mum treated me to my first daffodils of the year at 50p a bunch.
Margaret's son paints the bespoke signs, they really are the nicest I've come across - his contact details are on the sign on the right under 'For Quotes and Orders' ...I'm looking forward to welcoming Margaret to my March afternoon tea event too.

A cup of tea and a slice of cake on pretty vintage china in the cafe ...
Now to more purchases...
Some East of India ribbon and labels from Chicken Shed Gifts who also have an online shop. 
  Some more ribbons and a handmade ditsy corsage from Twisted Vintage, who open their shop in Whitwood, Castleford, next month.

This cute wooden mini bunting from Twisted Vintage...
A couple of fat quarters of this pretty faux patchwork cotton lawn.  I might recover my piano (sewing) stool with this during half-term...Anne bought some fat quarters too, I'm sure she will post about them too - we both had cameras in-hand to take some snaps!
I may be back there for a half-term breakfast treat with the kids this week!


  1. Fabulous weekend, gorgeous purchases especially the patchwork style fabric. stay warm

  2. I hadn't heard of Rivers Meet before reading your post, it looks fab. I live in West Leeds so will be taking a trip over soon to have a look and sample the cakes.

  3. You came out of your blanket Sally, sounds like you had a lovely day. What an interesting place and lovely treats too, really like those Twisted Vintage bits n bobs. x

  4. What a lovely event, you bought some great items, (I'm a hellebore fan) love the patchwork patterned material.
    Carol xx

  5. Hi just found your blog via Anne's great idea for the pub, lovely things too Julie xxx

  6. Just what you need after a PJ day :)
    Cate x

  7. I love the photo of the frosty patterns on the window - it reminded me of 'The Snow Queen'.
    You picked up some super-cute stuff there - and it sounds like you had a lovely day!

  8. What a great idea for a redundant pub! Wish we had something like Rivers Meet near me. Best Wishes, Jx

  9. fabulous! what a wonderful day and gorgeous goodies too. perfect
    love jooles x

  10. What a lovely pile of purchases!

  11. Visited the new shop today for twisted vintage and bought a gorgeous door stop shaped like a mouse... very happy... was just wondering if any one knew their website address? Thanks xx

  12. As I am a Methley resident and visit the Rivers Meet every so often I really liked going there.
    yesterday I thought I will have few minutes there to have a cuppa and sit and do my crocheting.
    I was terribly disappointed once again for getting nice china in the most disgusting teapot I have ever seen, It was completely covered with tea stains and once again I feel let down like I have been the few times I visited the café. The "owner" of worker there just stood there and did nothing, not a sorry or perhaps giving me my money back. Just to say, I have not drank the tea at all. I am so annoyed by this if it was the first time I can understand but probably the 6 or 7th time and every time I just let it go and have mentioned it the first time the café opened, not only was the teapot dirty, the cups has lipstick marks and the inside was not washed properly either. What a shame.


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