Tuesday, 7 February 2012

~Hopes & Aims 2012 Update~

I haven't bought any new clothing (after my dress purchase on the 16th January) or anything else non-essential - just food, toiletries, petrol  etc.
I have to say there has been a definite change of mindset and I haven't been anywhere near a clothes shop. I've also worn stuff that I had forgotten about; maybe it's about being creative with the stuff you have already.
I am allowed to have a rummage in lovely charity shops though.   I managed to get some lovely Armani black trousers for £3.99 in Boston Spa the other day. Thrifting heaven.
I'm still reluctantly going to circuit training. It's a definite mood-lifter but not an attractive proposition on a dark, icy night. As the joke goes; my exercise regime lasts 2 hours - 1 hour of circuit training and I hour trying to talk myself into going...  
A bit of  nostalgia now...In my head whilst training, I convince myself that I look like this - my favourite fitness look - the hi-cut leotard and headband...
Olivia Newton John in the 'Physical' video in 1981

From about 1975 - 1982 I wanted to be Olivia Newton-John.  Back to reality though, and on return from Circuits I have to be helped out of the car making involuntary grunting noises, bent double like Mrs Overall in Acorn Antiques.
Sadly, I haven't lost any festively acquired weight yet, it's sticking around into February...The funny thing was I thought the charity shop trousers were a Size 10 and bought them smugly, but when I got home and checked the label, they are in fact an American 10. Ho hum.


  1. I'm trying very hard not to buy any clothes for a while especially as I need to lose some weight and it's not worth spending money on something that fits now and will be too big in a few months - ha ha she says!

  2. I'm also following your 'careful spending' model. I last bought a dress (for the festive season) in December. We've got a posh evening coming up at the end of next week (black tie) and I went into a panic yesterday. Nevertheless, I've resolved to wear a long dress that I've had for a bit. It was a bargain on the 2011 Monsoon sale and should be absolutely fine. Jx

  3. Thanks for the lovely, supportive comment over at mine. I always wanted to look like Jamie Lee Curtis in 'Perfect'- I never achieved it though - not even in my young, slim, fit days!

  4. I've been very good at 'using what I have' recently whilst getting rid of quite a lot to the charity shop but I did buy a new small dresser a few days ago, my excuse is I need more storage!
    I found Tai Chi a good exercise, doesn't exactly whip off the pounds but gets you more supple and you can get out of bed the next day.
    Carol xx.

  5. I've picked up a few bargains in Boston Spa. I always take my unwanted items to the Martin House shop there, it's a charity that I like to support.

  6. Hi Sally,
    Just to let you know Arthur's cushion came in the post today! I love it, it is perfect for him.
    Thank you so much - I will blog about it later this week,

  7. What a great deal with the trousers! And good on you for even starting the circuit training, let alone still doing it!

  8. I hate exercise. My OH's sister drags me running once a week & each week I hope she doesn't fancy it and will have a cup of tea instead!

    Sam x

  9. Well, I think you're doing a FAB job by keeping up the training!
    I admire anyone - including Mrs Overall - if they can keep up exercise efforts for longer than a week or so!
    Well done you!!!

  10. Ahh size is just a number! Keep going and they will be too large soon x

  11. Well done on your exercise regime, i am very impressed, and i agree its the hour before that is the hardest, the hour after though is fabulous!
    thank you for your sweet comment

    love jooles x

  12. Sounds like your regime of thrifting is going well and still being able to go in charity shops is the best thing as they're magical places!
    I take my hat off to you going out exercising still in this weather.
    Have a warm weekend x


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