Sunday, 5 February 2012

~Snowy Yorkshire~

There's a decent fall of snow outside so thought I would show a couple of photos as I've enjoyed snowy pics on other blogs today.  Small Dog loved the snow last night and ran excitedly in and out of the back door chasing snowballs. He's a bit more tentative today...

and has refused point blank to go for a walk, despite wearing his anorak, as the snow in the street is chest-level for him. Brrrrr! The view from my sewing room is this... could almost be a Swiss mountain chalet, but it's actually in Yorkshire. This chalet-type building used to be a Farm Shop/ Greengrocers when I was a teenager. When we moved in 5 years ago, it was selling French brocante and vintage goodies, which was really lovely, but it's closed now. The snow-covered yard is used for caravan storage.  It wouldn't be everyone's favourite view, but I adore the vintage (1960s?) green static caravan. I'd love to move it into my garden and deck it out with curtains and bunting in green and pink roses fabric...
I've got some sewing finished this afternoon.  A small log cabin cushion for my nephew J, who will be 6 tomorrow.
His bedroom is CK Cowboys, so I hope it will fit in well.  I used fabric and buttons I had in already.
I also made this bunting for my cousin's baby daughter E, using the Laura Ashley trellis fabric I used in the previous log cabin panel, vintage pink wool fabric applique letters, and mini suffolk puffs in scraps of a Robyn Pandolph fabric, plus a couple of vintage buttons.

I need to post this off to Chester tomorrow, along with some other eBay parcels as I've sold a few vintage bits and bobs this week.
Now it's time for some stew with homemade bread rolls...

Hope you're warm and cosy wherever you are!


  1. Love your cushions and bunting. What a good idea to embellish the bunting, never occurred to me before. Your rolls look very yummy.

  2. Have just discovered your blog - love it! Cushion is great.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Love your cushions and bunting! Hope your stew warms you up nicely!

  4. The cushion and bunting are gorgeous. I love the colours and the embellishments. Jx

  5. Gorgeous makes, very special! Our snow is now slush and not as nice! Stay warm x

  6. Just wanted to say that, in reply to your comment, yes, soda crystals are anti-limescale. This was confirmed by a washing machine man - he said it was good to run the occasional empty hot wash with washing soda to clean out your machine.

    Looks like you have had a fun weekend!

    Pomona x

  7. Hope you are snug and warm,it sure is cold in north yorshire tonight, love your cushion and bunting,bread rolls look tasty did you make them?Love Jill xx

  8. Hi Sally, just seen on the news that your part of the world has had 15cms of snow overnight, and I thought it was bad here.I really love the cushion and the bunting.I wish I felt confident enough to make some bunting for my kitchen, I have a bare wall above our big bay window and it needs filling with something pretty, maybe you could do a tutorial? Love Anne
    P.S. hope you are feeling better now.X

  9. Glad you had a nice night away. No snow here- thank goodness! Your bunting and cushion are lovely- more of the stash used up! I really need to crack on with the curtains - J is off next week so that he can finish the kitchen!

  10. The cushion and bunting are lovely, gorgeous fabrics. My dog's exactly the same, up to his chest, and the snow sticks to his long fur so he ends up coming home covered in snow balls.

  11. Oh I love the log cabin patchwork - I must give it a go. Will be adding it to my crafting wishlist! And the back of the cushions are perfect - love the big gingham checks.

  12. Lovely cushion and bunting. I made my first (small) bunting for my grandaughter's 18th last Saturday.
    Our cat asked for the door to be opened, puts her out her nose, sniffs the air, looks at the snow, turns round and trots back to bed.
    Carol xx


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