Sunday, 26 February 2012

~Time for Tea - Feb event~

Yesterday's afternoon tea theme was Berries, Cherries and love, in honour of Valentine's Day. 6 ladies (and one baby nephew) sat down to tea at 2pm, following a welcome drink of homemade pink lemonade.
The table theme was red, with gingham and roses cloths, matching vintage china and table gifts of mini-heart candles. Have used a photo of the table setting for my new header - I used L's swanky camera and did a bit of editing with special effects. Her camera is tons better than mine!
I was ably assisted by daughter L and best friend J in the tea-making and serving of the cakey delights...
I made some mini-bunting for the cherry and almond cake.  The double choc brownies with macadamia nuts were lovely.  My favourites were the homemade jammie dodgers, which turned out really well and were yummy. I added some custard powder to the mix, which made them a lovely yellow colour.  I sieved homemade raspberry jam for the filling.
Next event is in March, with a Spring themed menu (yet to be decided on!).
Some of my guests brought me a thoughtful gift of rhubarb from the Rhubarb Festival in Wakefield, which Anne at Marmalade and Catmint posted about yesterday. A bunch of Oldroyd's rhubarb tied with green ribbon - more attractive and delicious than flowers I think!
I'll be making a crumble with it on Monday morning. Thankfully I've got a day off on Monday to catch up with domestic stuff that has accumulated over the last busy week.


  1. It all looks fabulous Sally. I love the idea of homemade jammie dodgers!

  2. Your table looked really beautiful. I think it makes an excellent new header. Jx

  3. Wow - table looks absolutely gorgeous with all that vintage loveliness!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. What a pretty setting for the tea party. So much loveliness on one table but oh my those jammy dodgers look fabulous! x

  5. Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering at the sight of those delicious looking cakes and biscuits. Your table setting looks wonderful and it makes the perfect header.

  6. How lovely!Fit for a mad hatters tea party....The cakes look

  7. Red, gingham and roses and yummy food, divine!

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments - I forgot to say too that I used Happy Homebird's printables for the lemonade too - the 'drink me' ones which were tied onto the glasses. Thankyou x

  9. All fabulous!!! :-)
    I especially love the menu - nothing beats red AND polkadots!!!!

  10. Looks great Sally, in particular I like the look of the jammy dodgers, my granddaugher M loves them.Maybe you could do a post about making them X

  11. fabulous darling! I would love to try my hand at those jammie dodgers although mine would probably be jammy dodgies! x

  12. Wow, all of it looks so delightful, I wish I had an invite. The menu looks fab!

    Have a lovely weekend X

  13. Beautiful table setting. Your post has put me in the mood for a morning of baking!!

  14. That looked a yummy tea! All those lovely homemade biscuits and cakes,a nd i love the little mini bunting!

    Cant wait for rhubarb season - mine is still sulking a bit cos of the weather!

    Hope you enjoyed yours - what a lovely gift this time of year!

    Gill xx


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