Wednesday, 7 March 2012

~Recent vintage buys and thrifty finds~

Apologies firstly for being absent-without -blogging for a while.  I feel overwhelmed and busy at present, there aren't enough hours in the day - plus my mother-in-law has been in hospital (now discharged) and I've been planning some more additions to my tearoom events. Crafty projects have been ignored which doesn't make me feel happy and I really need to sort out the sewing room which is drowning under a sea of paperwork, filing and the increasing ironing pile.
I've done a bit of charity shop rummaging recently in Boston Spa, Tadcaster, Wetherby, Castleford and Selby, albeit very speedy - 'drive-by thrifting' - usually on my way home or via visiting somewhere else. I'm sure it's not healthy to always be in a rush.

This lovely tray reminds me of Cornwall.  I love old trays with the plaited wicker or plastic edging.
This cake plate is pretty, the glaze is a bit crazed but it's not chipped or cracked
A nice reproduction tea dress, I love the floral Liberty-esque fabric.  Currently I look like a milkmaid in it as I need to lose weight, but it will be pretty when I have lost 10 pounds!
This gorgeous Midwinter dish for £2 in a Castleford charity shop. Midwinter is my absolute favourite pottery.
Then L and I went to St Gemma's Vintage Fair in Leeds on Sunday which I've blogged about before here.
A stallholder I know called Jennifer has the most amazing vintage pottery, at reasonable prices, and she had the matching Midwinter sugar bowl for £ it is on my kitchen shelf
Another lovely stallholder had a job lot of utility china - Woods ware Beryl and Jasmine and a couple of Grindley green petal bowls, which I bought to add to my collection...

...and this Crinoline lady brooch, which I think is unusual - I've never seen one like it before.
Has anyone else seen one like this before? It was £5 which I think is a good price for something I'll treasure.


  1. What lovely finds Sally, and how fab to find the sugar bowl to match your other piece. I've been thrifting in Castleford a couple of times when we've been to the cemetery in Featherstone.My attic room was a real tip- full of sewing, ebay stuff,piles of fabric and balls of wool. J could barely get in there to exercise so I had to get organised and sort it out today. Hope you feel less stressed soon. x

  2. Some lovely finds, especially the crinoline lady brooch, no, I've never seen anything like it, a real treasure.
    Hope you can find some time for crafting, too much charging about certainly isn't good for you. You have got to take care of yourself and crafting helps you to relax.
    Carol xx

  3. Such gorgeous finds, especially the brooch - I've never seen one before, it's absolutely delightful.

  4. HI Sally, you got some great finds there.I wondered if you were ill when you hadnt blogged much.Hope you feel much better soon.Love Anne

  5. Lovely to see you back in 'blog land'. I hope that your life calms down soon. All the best, Jx

  6. What a haul! I really like the utility china, such pleasing, toning muted colours. Is there anything more pleasing than large piles of pretty china?

  7. I had forgotten how much I liked trays with a plastic weave around them, will be on the lookout for one now! Hope you have a really good weekend and find space to balance all those demands xx


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