Sunday, 25 November 2012

~To Cath or not to Cath Part 2~

Back in May 2011, I wrote about looky-likey Cath Kidston floral wallpaper and how after much deliberation I decided to spend the extra pounds on the real thing. 
So here is 'To Cath or not to Cath'  dilemma no.2 ; I absolutely love Cath Kidston pyjamas... 
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...and would dearly love to own a pair if money were no object. Gorgeous they may be, but I would feel poorly spending £50 on some PJs, it just wouldn't seem right to me- a bit too self-indulgent (and I'd probably spill red wine down them or wash them accidentally with a black sock or something)

I've spotted these looky-likey floral PJs in Sainsburys Christmas magazine...
 ...for the reasonable price of £14.  Pleased to say the OH took the (heavy) hint and has bought me them for Christmas!


  1. No, I don't think I'd feel good spending £50 on PJ's, £14 much better. Keep an eye on the sales though, you never know! Suzy x

  2. I love love love Cath Kidston and go to any lengths to buy her products BUT don't think I could warrant paying that for PJs. They are lovely though!
    Patricia x

  3. £50 is too much for a pair of P.J's Cath Kidston or not.
    You should keep on the look out for CK items next time you are in TKmAX. Last week i spotted a floral CK rain mac for £12, cherry print dusters for £2.50 and rubber gloves for £3.50. I know other blogger have spotted her padded coat hangers.

  4. Snap, they're on my Christmas list too. I love Sainsbury's pj's, I've had some in my stocking for the past couple of years.

  5. I think CK is just too expensive now, especially for the quality you get, good choice! :)

  6. Hi Sally, the CK ones are lovely but they dont know what to charge for them. they probably dont cost any more to make than the primark ones which I swear by, honestly you cant go wrong with them!

  7. I too love the look but am not prepared to pay the prices. I've got a couple of "CK-inspired" bags from Worcester market and I love them! Jx

  8. Sally, There are some really nice copy cat things around. I found some lovely Scandi, fairisle patterned stuff, tights, leggings, scarves in Primark.
    It's more fun looking for the copy cat cheap stuff don't you think!

  9. I agree with you - much better to get the Sainsbury ones, I'm sure the quality will be just as good and they look just as pretty!
    As much as I like CK fabrics and stuff I only ever buy (or ask for pressies!) the aprons and mugs as they alone seem reasonable value!
    Gill xx


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