Monday, 3 December 2012

~Vintage Bauble Loveliness~

Here's some vintage bauble loveliness! I've had a few lucky vintage glass bauble finds via my local charity shop and the car boot sale earlier in the year. I love finding them and marvel that they've survived intact.
The tree's up early as I'm having an Open House shopping event on Thursday.  I've decided to go for the full-on (bad taste?) Christmas tree from my 70s childhood because it makes me feel nostalgic and happy.  The tree is of course fake, for kitsch-ness reasons , as well because I am unwilling to spend another New Year extracting hundreds of pine needles from the carpet with tweezers.
Here are some of my favourite baubles...
The glass birdies with feather tails were bought as a set from
Sugar Pie Lemon Drop a couple of years ago.

and the full tree with coloured lights...

17 year old daughter L says it's 'Soooo Garish' and wishes we had a normal tree.  Well I don't do normal, so there!
I've made some wool felt bunting for the fireplace, and found this little tree in the charity shop...

So pleased I found it as I'd coveted Thea's little red tinsel tree at Hearts and Bluebells...
 In this part of the world we call this festive prettification  'trimming up' - what a fab phrase.

What do you call getting the house ready for Christmas? 


  1. It looks like a wonderful tree to me! :)

  2. Love the old baubles ... Very colourful!

    I just say 'putting the decs up'

    Claire xxx

  3. I love your tree - the baubles are simply precious!

  4. It all looks wonderful to me..I love your retro look

    I always say.. its time to weave some christmas magic through the house
    Winter wishes
    Thea x

  5. Looking good :)

    Hurrah to find someone else with a fake tree AND coloured lights - bring on the kitsch :)

    Ours won't be up for another week or so but it will look like an explosion in a decoration factory :)

  6. Beautiful tree! It reminds me of my gradparents' tree (which they still put up every year, despite being well into their 90s)! It's full of ancient, colourful thingamybobs! :-)
    We put the trimmings up at the weekend! What a fantastic job trimming is!!!

  7. Beautiful! Very festive.
    Victoria xx

  8. hello there...i call it hard work but it's always worth getting the house spruced up....but it's so depressing when it all gets put away again....mustn't think about that yet!!!love your vintage baubles...i have been finding some amazing ones in my local charity shops for pence! they look adorable x

  9. I love your tree Sally, wish I could be there on thursday to see it but I have too much to do. I love mixed bright colours on trees, I dont do colour schemes, as far as I'm concerned the gaudier the colours the better.Heck, we even have frank sinatra baubles on our tree, singing ones at that!!!!! Love the birdies, I have one of my mum and dads that is about 60 years old and its beautiful.

  10. I love your tree and vintage
    baubles. I hav'nt been able to
    find any yet but after seeing yours
    I will keep looking. They are so

  11. Sally I just love everything about your tree, your vintage baubles and all the trimmings. That certainly makes me feel all nostalgic and festive. I'll enjoy your festive prettiness as I probably won't be able to decorate much here, lots of stuff still in boxes which comes with renting and too much stuff in the house as it is to trim.
    I love looking at other peoples though and in houses who leave the curtains open with the lights on!
    Enjoy your shopping evening. x

  12. Ah, it looks lovely. Not garish at all! That would be oodles of tinsel. Love your vintage baubles. I too have a vintage bauble fetish! I cannot wait to get my tree up.

  13. vintage decorations always looks better than new

  14. All looks lovely and festive!
    Amazing that you managed to find some vintage tree decs in charity shops - our charity shops around here don't seem to carry anything remotely vintage these days.
    Love your wool bunitng!
    Have a great Christmas!
    Gill xx

  15. Hello Sally,
    I use a fake tree too and I love my tree I've had it for 28 years now and it was an expensive buy in its day but has been worthwhile as its stood up to 28 Christmases. It isn't easy to be able to buy a real Christmas tree here anyhow they are few and far between so that's my excuse. I think your tree looks lovely and the little one on the mantlepiece too.

    have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you and your family happiness for the New year.

    Amanda :-)

  16. HI! Happy Holidays to you and your family! Love your cute blog....

  17. They look beautifully festive.
    Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas.
    Carol xx


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