Monday, 7 January 2013

~New Year 2013~

Happy New Year to one and all, sorry I've not posted for over a month but I am back to work today and back to blogging as well!
Thinking about 2013 stretching ahead, and also reflecting back on my resolutions for 2012, see here ,  I haven't done too badly - I did get a caravan, I chilled out (a bit) with my huge 'to do' lists and reduced my new clothes spending drastically.  The sticking point this year for me has been my weight, which has been creeping up. Not sure whether I'm peri-menopausal, I certainly feel like it - so tired and unmotivated, especially since September. However, on a positive note, last week I dusted off my bike and have had a bike ride, there's nothing better, though I nearly got blown off by the wind.  I've booked to attend kettlercise classes starting tomorrow (eeek!) and started healthy eating with a vengeance.  If you've noticed the button in my left sidebar I've also enrolled on 'Dry January', which supports you to not touch a drop of alcohol for the whole month. I still like a wine glass in my hand, only at the moment it's filled with sparkling water...
My new place for my lists and random scribblings is this lovely notebook from my friend Donna - I love the sentiment on the front "How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it" - lovely. It's a quote by George Elliston who was a female American journalist born at the end of the 19th century; I know this thanks to Wikipedia...
I have also started Spring cleaning and took bags of stuff to the local Sue Ryder shop (I have a gift-aid card which means they raise even more money).
 The sewing room has been tidied so that I can now see the floor (it was that bad) and I may now feel a bit creative and not so depressed by the abysmal mess.
I'm having a good wardrobe sort out and eBay marathon as well this week. Like many people, this time of year makes me want to freshen things up in my home and decorate - I think it may be genetic as my maternal great-grandma apparently was a dynamo with a brush and gave everything that did not move a coat of paint.My Mum is like this too. I've painted and distressed an old pine mirror in the hallway this week with F&B New White eggshell left over from my dresser.

Nice to be back, see you soon  X


  1. I realy like the look of your new header! Happy new year. Jx

  2. Good for you getting out the bike!
    Love the mirror makeover - its great what a coat of paint can do!
    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2013!
    Gill xx

  3. Happy new year to you!
    I love the new header, by the way!!!

  4. Hi Sally, I tried to post a comment earlier but lost it.You may end up with two from me now.
    Hope you had a good christmas. I have missed you posting, glad you are ok. I understand about the cleaning and clearing out. I want to decorate a couple of rooms this year but will wait a bit longer til spring is here.With you on the weight loss too, I wish I could lose 8 or 9 lbs, we are both trying and so far so good, but what is life if you cant enjoy a piece of cake now and again? XX

  5. Happy New Year Sally, sounds like you're having a bit of a life detox at the start of 2013, great idea. I've been doing some charity shop bags this week, it feels better to make a small start on my piles of stuff that need addressing.
    Love your fresh new design.
    All the best for the year,
    Sally x


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