Sunday, 13 January 2013

~Quiet weekend~

This weekend has been a quiet one socially and I've spent as little money as possible - it's such a long month until January payday, I'm sure you'll agree.
I've been;

  • Reading cosily (and lazily) in bed on a morning and at night - lovely old books I'd wanted; found on eBay and my local charity shop...
  • Making a huge panful of leek and potato soup to freeze for cheap work lunches...
  • Eating out - a freebie bar meal in a local pub using a gift voucher won at a Christmas raffle...
  • Walking the dog at Bishop Wood this afternoon to get some much needed happy-rays of sun soaked into me...
  • Knitting a little, then sewing this cushion for a birthday present.

Hope you've had a restful and cosy weekend wherever you are  x


  1. Sounds a lovely weekend, very restful but still productive.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I especially like the cushion.... its beautiful. Jx

  3. Lovely weekend! Your cushion is very pretty, enjoy the soup! :) x

  4. Your weekend sounds perfect. Wish I could slow down. Too many animals and commitments.Try to find time in the evening to do a post or a project or two in front of the t.v. Love your cushion.

  5. It seems like SUCH a long time till payday.

    This sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend. I made chilli and cake, read, watched films, drank a lot of tea, and did some sewing and crochet.

  6. That sounds like such a perfect weekend.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

    The cushion is gorgeous

  8. Your weekend sounds perfect - it's rare that we allow ourselves time to stop and just do what we want to do! I'm always meaning to make enough soup for the following week but unfortunately it always gets gobbled up straight from the hob - must try again. Your blog looks lovely and I'm looking forward to exploring your other posts x


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